6 Beauty Influencers To Follow For Nightlife Looks

Koleen Diaz
Koleen Diaz

Glam you need before stepping out..

Some party people say their favorite part about going out is dancing or meeting rad individuals, but what about what comes before the party- getting ready, with a vodka mixer, blasting pump up jams while trying on five different combinations of skirts and tops. If you love dolling up, then follow these six beauty influencers on social media, carefully selected by PCN to provide you with the hottest nightlife looks.

  1. Amanda Khamkaew is a Swedish beauty with luscious lips and amazing eyebrows, showing off stylish outfits on her Instagram. Amanda’s makeup looks flawless and organic, showing off her perfect facial symmetry and adorable freckles. This girl even makes sweatpants look good. She balances her daring street-style outfits with a natural makeup look and a bold lip. She often changes her hairstyle from short, long, curly, straight, and everything in between. For versatile fashion inspiration, from bright bikinis to luxurious winter coats, visit Khamkaew’s profile – it will make you want to renew your entire wardrobe.


Amanda Khamkaew
Koleen Diaz
Koleen Diaz
  1. Arianne Cassi Koleen Espinosa Diaz, known as Koleen Diaz, is a 22-year-old beauty and fashion YouTuber based in Calgary, Canada who creates amazing hair and makeup tutorials on her channel that has over 1 million subscribers. “Honestly, I just enjoy filming ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos just to share all the different looks I come up with for different occasions, from makeup to hair and of course the outfit,” says Calgary, who’s outfits certainly are on point.  Diaz says she swears by Too Faced products ever since they came out with their Born This Way collection. “The Too Faced Born This Way foundation and concealers are my top 1’s, especially when I need coverage for my acne scars,” says Diaz. So what’s her main beauty secret? “Make sure to set your makeup with powder and setting spray for an overall flawless look. I always recommend the Sacha Buttercup setting powder.”


Favorite nightlife look: “a subtle smokey cut crease with some wispy pair of lashes and a red lip.”



Melissa Isabel via Instagram @meliysabel
  1. Melissa Isabel is an LA based folklorista and the queen of eye makeup. If you are looking for some bright and colorful beauty inspo, check out her Instagram which often captions and describes each makeup product used. Some featured brands include Anastasia Beverly Hills for brows, Golden Paradise for glitter, ColourPop Cosmetics for (cruelty free) liner made in LA, and Lilly Lashes for of course, eyelashes. Besides makeup, her other talent includes dancing, particularly Mexican folk dance. Her Insta profile certainly shows off her skills, with pictorials and short videos on painting your eyes, as well as her sexy fashion sense.



Rebecca Sealy
Rebecca Seals Photo by Steven Wendel
  1. Rebecca Seals, currently based in Amherst, MA specializes in makeup, especially eye makeup art, and has been an MUA for about six years. “I got into makeup artistry when I couldn’t find any local MUA’s to collaborate with me on more avant-garde/editorial looks. I just decided that I would take it into my own hands as I’ve always been one to post more work on Instagram,” says Seals regarding her makeup artist career. Her Instagram shows off her crafty and creative skills, providing you with all the looks you need for costume parties, themed events, or spunky nights out in the city. Seals’ favorite brands include IT Cosmetics, NARS, Wet and Wild while her favorite product is Benefit’s Hoola bronzer “because it’s so versatile, you can find that in my makeup bag in any season.” Her beauty tip also emphasizes taking care of your skin with dedicated skincare routine.


Favorite nightlife look: “will forever be a smoked out black liner, so simple, understated and elegant.”



Elley Danay via Instagram @Beauty_by_elley
  1. Elley Danay, is a SoCal makeup enthusiast with an Instagram boasting her  gorgeous eyes and impressive long nails. She doesn’t only feature photos of her looks, but also countless products like Benefit Cosmetics, Lorac Cosmetics, and many more to guide you on purchasing the latest palettes, brushes, lipsticks, etc. Her posts don’t really include tutorials, but most of her photos are closeups in which you can see the details, along with captioned and tagged brand names.



Arika Sato
Arika Sato
  1. Arika Sato, is an LA native fashion blogger and beauty influencer who lives the ultimate fit and vegan lifestyle. Her YouTube page is composed of makeup tutorials, weight loss and meal prep tips, personal stories, and fashion vlogging. Some of her most frequently used makeup products are the Honolulu Bronzer from W7cosmetics and Dose of Colors lip liners and lipsticks. Sato also has her very own clothing brand, Arika Sato, in which she designs glamorous robes and lingerie. Check out her Insta for sexy and hip outfits as well as flawless hair and makeup inspiration.