A New Must-See DJ Hits LA's Nightlife Scene

DJ Farco

If you’re craving some variety in your nightlife routine, this is definitely a dish you don’t want to miss. 

If you are a regular in the LA club scene, it is likely that you have witnessed DJ Farco’s set performance whether you knew it or not. DJ Farco is an up-and-coming DJ who made his way to LA after his “big break,” opening for Ja Rule, Ashanti, and Tory Lanez back in his hometown of New Jersey (sounds like a dream performance, to me!). Since then, he has become one of the most popular DJs at some of the catchiest clubs in Los Angeles, including Nightingale Plaza and Avalon. Whether you enjoy listening to pop, Latin music, or house hits, DJ Farco never fails to have his audience on their feet and dancing throughout the night.

While DJ Farco has recently become more recognizable, he remains grounded by his passion for sound and expression. Throughout our interview, DJ Farco divulged his love for creating and explained his main goal is to “continue having fun while performing.” As long as he is enjoying himself on stage, the crowd seems to be doing the same. Not to mention, he’s very easy on the eyes. I’d find it no surprise if clubgoers flocked to the DJ booth and nearby dancefloor just to catch a glimpse of his striking smile or broad shoulders (sorry ladies, he’s taken).

In addition to gaining popularity for his talent since moving to the West Coast, DJ Farco has developed LA nightlife expertise – it comes with the territory, after all. In our interview, he shared his favorite hotspots for a night off, the best late-night eats, and even where to catch local live music. If you’re craving some variety in your nightlife routine, this is definitely a dish you don’t want to miss.


How old were you when you realized you wanted to DJ? What inspired you?

Back in New Jersey, a lot of the people I went to high school with were rappers. They needed someone to make all the beats for their music, so I took on that role. Soon after, I went to my first EDM festival where Martin Garrix was performing, and I fell in love with his music. He is definitely one of my biggest inspirations and honestly who made me start DJ-ing. 

How would you describe your personal mix – what is your style of music?

I love performing an open format kind of set, which of course is dependent on the club, but typically includes the top forty hits as well as a lot of hip-hop. I also really enjoy a ‘house’ set, which I usually perform at Nightingale. As much as I love to discover new music, my go-to for many of these clubs would be pop and hip-hop since that’s what most people like to dance and sing along to when they are out.

Where do you typically DJ at? How would you describe the vibe of these clubs? 

I DJ at Madame Siam on Friday nights – this club gets super crowded. There are three different rooms inside, giving people the opportunity to experience different vibes throughout the night. The Bourbon Room is more of a lounge/bar so it has a bit more of a chill, relaxed kind of environment, though there is a dance floor as well. This venue also has a second room with a huge stage where people can participate in open mic nights, which are always fun and bring in a great crowd. Once a month or so, typically on Thursday nights, I also DJ at Nightingale. This club has a more upscale, boujee kind of vibe to it. People are always dancing at Nightingale and the ambiance is great.

Who is your biggest musical influence?

For both my DJ-ing and producing careers, I would say Calvin Harris and Diplo are my biggest inspirations. I like how they have artists featured on their own music and love how well they incorporate those different sounds together. These DJ’s produce music for other people which I hope to continue doing myself. As of right now I produce for a lot of local artists. 

What is your favorite event that you have DJ’d?

I really enjoy my gig at Nightingale – I DJ for them through a promotion company called Dystopia. My typical set for this venue has more house/Latin music which is always a great time. I also really enjoyed my opening gig for Ja Rule and Ashanti, which was a couple years ago in Atlantic City. I’m originally from New Jersey so it was really exciting to have my first big break in my hometown and also be able to get to know all the artists that were performing.

What’s your favorite club to attend when you are not DJ-ing?

I love Madam Siam. It’s always lively at there. I also like The Academy and Avalon Hollywood. I’ve Dj-ed at Avalon a couple of times, there’s always a great crowd and good vibes there as well. 

What’s your favorite late-night meal in the city? 

Honestly, pretty much any taco truck. I love authentic Mexican food and the trucks that are open late seem to have the best tacos I’ve had in the city.  Also, Stout Burgers & Beers is a great spot. They have amazing burgers, and the drinks are always delicious as well. 

What are the best places to attend after 2am?

From my experience, there always seems to be an after-party location that goes around by word of mouth. At the clubs where I DJ, there’s typically someone who is hosting a warehouse party or some kind of after hours event and will advertise it once it hits 2:00am. Since everyone is required to leave the club at this time, the crowd tends to roll over. That’s LA nightlife for you: a “secret” event that everyone is invited to.

What is the best venue for live music?

The Hotel Cafe is a great place for up-and-coming artists – actually a lot of people I work with perform there. I also really like ‘It’s a School Night’ which is a live music event located at Avalon’s Bardot. A lot of artists such as Lizzo, Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish have performed there before becoming famous. The Troubadour is a pretty popular location, but still a great place to hear locals perform. I also like The Bourbon Room which has gotten pretty big. In fact, I think The Plain White T’s are performing there soon. It of course depends on what vibe you are going for, but these places all have really great vibes.