A Night at The Victorian: LA’s Most Poppin’ ‘House’ Party

“It seemed to be the spot for first flirtations, turning strangers into friends.”

I’m all up for trying new places and always ready to explore the many unique spots that LA has to offer. So, when I was asked to check out The Victorian, I was like sure – it’s been a while since I had a proper night out. Plus, The Victorian is currently one of the IT spots for nightlife and touted as ‘the new Bungalow,’ so I also had to see what all the fuss was about!

I made a reservation for 8.30pm on a Friday night, fully aware that the venue turns into a club scene after 9.30pm. Later that evening, I had a full view of the insanely long line which wrapped around the building filled with partygoers waiting to be let in, and I was beyond grateful I’d made a res. Upon arrival, we walked up the quaint brick path to a super cute patio draped with fairy lights and plenty of heating. We were given the option of a fire pit or table, and as much as I love basking by the fire, I needed to get some food in me before enjoying the nightlife, so “table it is!”

The menu was pretty limited, but of course I went for my signature truffle fries because anything with fries – or truffle. I enjoyed the dish, which was a generous serving of crispy, fried goodness. The Mexican Militia was calling my name from the cocktail list, and we also ordered the Fried Chicken Sliders and Fish Tacos.

The atmosphere was very chill and laidback, definitely a more casual vibe. There was a mix of couples and small to larger friend groups of 10+ spread out across the patio and inside. Earlier in the evening, I could see it being more intimate and fitting for a date-night spot. This place is huge, and as I would find out later, there are multiple rooms and bars. It’s one massive house party, and I can imagine it being easy to lose half your group quite easily in the mix of music and booze.

Towards 9.30pm the music started getting louder and the space began to fill. As we had started winding down with dinner and were just enjoying cocktails, I thought this would be the perfect time to make our move to the main house. There were no issues getting in, and we could have stayed on the first level, but it seemed like the upstairs was going off, so we joined the line initially but then noticed that – as is the case anywhere – cash is king. So, if you really want to skip the line, that’s the way to go. I’ll also mention that there is a line to the one bathroom upstairs and yes, if you’re busting and can’t wait, get your cash out because the bathroom line has a bouncer too.

Once we were upstairs, there was another bar and a little library with a sofa and seating. Towards the front of the house is a dancefloor, and the library opened to the upstairs outdoor patio. So, we grabbed some drinks and headed outside. It was a nice vibe on the balcony and people were mingling – it seemed to be the spot for first flirtations, turning strangers into friends. I had a few random conversations, myself. The crowd seems to be primarily recent grads and early 20-somethings. If you’re 26 or over, you might feel like a senior citizen here, but with the right group of friends (or enough liquor) it may not matter. 

We ended the night on the upstairs dance floor where the music was a mix but leaned towards hip-hop. However, there are DJs on all floors, and the downstairs scene was filled with house beats. As we discovered the different DJs, it seemed evident that The Victorian has ‘a room’ for everyone. Come one, come all!

My Not-So-Secret Tips: 

  • Nightlife-wise, this is a good spot for large groups, girls or boy’s night out, after-dinner drinks and dancing, or just chilling in one of the many rooms or patios. 
  • I recommend making a late reservation for dinner/drinks through their website for easy access to the club. Because trust me, the line is incredibly long and the later you get there, the worse it will be.
  • On the weekends, this is also a brunch spot and it’s dog-friendly on the patio. There’s a happy hour on Wednesday’s 5-10pm and Thursdays is Salsa night from 8pm.