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“I believe displaying confidence through fashion is an amazing feeling.”

The first time I came across a co-ord set by Ale B Mendoza on Instagram, I thought “that’s
perfect for an LA winter.” At the time, I was zooming in on the Jessica Top and Lily Pants worn by
one of my favorite influencers. The shape, the texture, and the fit of the fabric were truly perfect
for a brisk December day in Brentwood. . . or, come to think of it, night! I quickly added the black
and peach hues to my shopping cart.

Long sleeve, bell bottom, seamless, and subtly sheer in the sexiest way possible, this set is perfect for any Los Angeles occasion. With sneakers, lug sole boots, or even sandals, I could picture myself strolling Rodeo, popping in and out of shops, and stopping for lunch on Cannon, all the while braless and unabashed. Or paired with heels or booties, the black version could be casually seductive in the candlelight of a West Hollywood hotspot – skin peeking through the artfully transparent knit, curves caressed in all the right places. This co-ord is truly the key to that ‘I-barely-tried’ beauty we’re all actually trying very hard to obtain. 

‘Beauty’ is just one of many words that describes the young, talented, and determined designer who is swiftly selling out of her namesake brand. The long-haired, Latina vixen started the line at the brave age of 25, inspired by her family and her long-time passion for fashion. Like many women, she understands that sometimes all it takes is the right clothing to boost your confidence and transform your mood. She believes in and designs for the intersection of minimalism and sex appeal and loves to embrace curves – she even has some enviable ones of her own. 

While the first launch was a serious sensation, the young creative had more up her sleeve. A recent collaboration with Little Bit Brand includes skirts and bikini tops, all in fluffy knit and bold colors- again, just right for us Angelenos. Hot on the tail of this recent drop, I sat down with Ale to chat about her bold beginnings in the industry, the designers that inspire her, and the celebrity she wishes would don her looks.

Despite pursuing a degree in Social Work, you shifted your focus towards fashion at the age of 25. What gave you the courage to chase this dream?

I’ve always, since I can remember, been someone who loved fashion. I was even nominated in high school for “Best Style”. Don’t get me wrong, I loved going to school and taking all those Sociology courses as I believe education is still so important. But there were a mix of things going on in my personal life at the time, and if I had not chosen to chase my dream of starting my own brand, I think I would have just lost focus on myself. I had previously been helping someone else build their brand, and I realized it was the time to venture off on my own. I was always very positive about how it’d go, and I never once doubted myself. My mom and my dad, and my brother inspired me. Losing my brother in 2019 (it was such a difficult time for my family), drove me to finally begin something of my own and create it from scratch.

As a designer and brand owner, what inspires you? What influences your choices for pieces, textures, prints, etc?

As a designer, I am influenced on everything I see, whether that is scenery or colors— I try to bring it into the tones and palettes of my pieces. Also, I’ve been exploring different styles and trying new colors I’d never previously given a chance. 

I grew up with mainly sisters, all older than me. I’m definitely inspired by two of my sisters who were always fashionable as well. I’d sometimes use their Louis Vuitton purses while I was in high school.

When it came to my launch, I released two colors: peach and grey. I chose to do knitwear fabric as you can never go wrong with it, and all the girls are loving it right now and it being seamless and versatile within pieces you may already have in your closet.

Who are your favorite designers and why?

My favorite designers at this moment are Amina Muaddi and Daniel Lee. But as a true fashion girl that I am, I’d also say older houses like Jean Paul Gaultier and Thierry Mugler.

Amina Muaddi — her eye for an amazing heel silhouette is incredible. I’ve been a fan of her work since she designed for Alexander Vaulthier. I love to watch her journey, a true inspiration especially as a woman. I love to see other women win!

Daniel Lee — he’s made me dive into colors that have now become true staples in my clothing. That parakeet color is my favorite and I love lavender more now. The way he transformed Bottega Veneta in the amount of time he spent as their Creative Director was so impactful and tasteful. I am eager to see where the brand goes after his departure.

You tend to choose silhouettes that show off the female form and use a flared leg – how do you feel about women displaying confidence in their bodies through fashion? How do your clothes make women feel?

I believe displaying confidence through fashion is an amazing feeling. Sometimes women may not feel as confident on a particular day, and clothing can make them feel beautiful. The creative process behind the pieces I’ve released was based on a shirt, I wanted something that would be sexy but also minimalistic and show some skin. Once I created the long sleeve top, I decided to do the matching flared bottoms. Anyone that knows me knows that I love a good heel, but the pants must be hugging the heel. That is exactly what I did, and it has become the staple piece that I’m now known for.

If you could choose one celebrity to wear your line, who would that be and why? 

If I could choose one celebrity to wear my brand would be Kim Kardashian. I mean, Kim K has transformed the beauty world. Anything she wears gets copied by fast fashion brands (unfortunately) and she has all the girls going after her exact style. I am a Kim K fan, and I admire her work ethic. Being a curvy girl, she has made it easier for many girls to truly just be confident in their own skin and body, especially since she launched Skims. Kanye West did an amazing job at transforming her closet and presenting her to the fashion world.

Your sets can transition easily from daywear to nighttime, what makes your pieces so universally wearable?

Yes, just like you said – it can be day wear or an outfit for nightlife! One factor is that it’s a complete set. I immediately knew I wanted to do colors I don’t personally own in my wardrobe. I went ahead and chose Peach and Grey, and I knew those could transition for either occasion. The grey had some purple tones to it. The sets were designed to be seamless but wearable for a casual day or to dress up to wear at dinner. My pieces are universally wearable because they’re bit see-through so you can stand out wherever you go but still having enough coverage to add comfort. I’ve had numerous customers and supporters tell me that every time they’ve worn their sets, they’re asked where it’s from, and that is because sets like mine have not been previously created, especially in knitwear.

With the holidays coming up, what makes your sets a perfect gift?

My sets make the perfect gift for any woman of any shape, in my opinion. They can be worn for any occasion, whether that’s dressing them down and wearing sneakers or dressing them up and wearing heels for all your holiday activities.

What’s next for you – collaborations? Another drop?

At this moment, I am currently working on a few things and hoping to get into a retailer within the coming year, which I will be able to share more details about soon. Although I just launched, it’s hard to keep up with stock and inventory. I also only created a limited amount of quantities when I launched, and after seeing the feedback, I knew I’d need more. I’m trying to navigate being able to keep my products available online, but I also like being exclusive and creating limited quantities for all pieces. Because my sets have been so popular, I hope to be able to bring more in different colors. Stay tuned! 

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