BTS Renews Contract With HYBE To Resume Group Activities in 2025

“Army” around the world are celebrating

K-pop fans have held their breath for years knowing that BTS would eventually have to go on hiatus to fulfill their South Korean military duties.

Last summer, the band finally announced this long dreaded announcement, but promised to return in 2025 after everyone completed their services. However, fans were left wondering if this promise would be true (we all remember when One Direction promised a temporary hiatus, right?). 

But this week, every BTS fan or “Army” member can breathe a sigh of relief as each of the seven members, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, V, Jimin and Jung Kook have renewed their contracts with their management company HYBE, formerly known as BIGHIT. 

“With the renewal of their contracts, we are looking forward to supporting BTS’ group activities expected in 2025,” HYBE announced in a statement. “HYBE and BIGHIT MUSIC will provide all support necessary to continue to expand and elevate BTS’ presence.”

Traditionally, contracts last for seven years. BTS originally debuted in 2013, but renewed early in 2018. This is their second contract renewal, and it has not been disclosed how many years are included. However, one thing that is for sure and it’s that BTS will be back. 

Members Jin and J-Hope have already started their military service, and Suga is starting this week, leaving the four youngest members. The current projection for reunion is 2025, but it could be slightly pushed back depending on service durations. Hybe has clarified they have taken these dates into account. 

This contract renewal is a great financial success for the music company as the members have performed well not only as a group, but also in their solo careers since the group’s temporary disbandment. Jungkook’s “Seven” featuring Latto has been heard all over the radio, Suga just finished his D-Day tour, and the other member’s have released project’s including V’s Layover, Jimin’s Face, RM’s Indigo, Jin’s “The Astronaut,” written with Coldplay, and J-Hope’s Jack in the Box. 

Good things come to those who wait. Army now has to wait a few years, but at least there is a promise at the end of it. 

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