Chris Hemsworth Records Epic Custom Intro For DJs Chris Lake And Fisher’s Hollywood Boulevard Concert

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun”…

You know a concert is going to be epic when the god of thunder himself kicks it off. This past weekend, house music DJs Chris Lake and Fisher shut down the infamous Hollywood Boulevard to hold a historic concert, which became even bigger when Chris Hemsworth’s voice boomed through the speakers.

“Get ready folks because this ain’t a f*ckin’ rehearsal,” the Marvel actor starts off as thousands of fans scream and shout in anticipation. And the Australian icon did not hold back, launching into a “story time” about Lake and Fisher.

“Once upon a time, two little wizards dreamed bigger than their wands that they could shut down a land like Hollywood Boulevard and throw an epic party,” Hemsworth then continued to throw jokes at both parts of the duo as he described them as “one with an extremely massive head, perfect for dreaming, and the other was as bald as a full moon in the sky.”

The musical duo emerged onto the stage as Hemsworth explained, “Well, it turns out dreams do come true because these dickheads pulled it off. […] The party of the century is here. October 21st, 2023, Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, is going to go off.” 

The concert kicked off with the hit track “Just Feels Tight,” as Hemsworth told the audience to have fun and explained “ as the great Cahtherine Hepburn once said, ‘if you obey all the rules, you’ll miss all the fun.’”

This concert came from part of Chris Lake and Fisher’s Under Construction series and made waves as a festival-grade production on one of Los Angeles’s iconic streets. How could they possibly follow up to this? Maybe they can bring back Tony Stark from the dead for this next gig.