Coco Quinn Showcases Her Voice & Vulnerability With Haunting New Single 'Better Type'

Your new winter break up anthem is here…

Listening to Coco Quinn latest single, “Better Type,” one is instantly transported back to their first teenage heartbreak. The young, up-and-coming artist has released an impassioned breakup melody with Seminal Records that showcases her soft and melodic voice. 

While Quinn’s voice is delicate, she still conveys the anxiousness and hurt that people of any age experience with a break up. The hauntingly beautiful song brings a different emotional power than Quinn’s previous releases, such as her popular 2021 single “Secrets” and 2022 single “Stories.” 

The most impactful part of the song includes the chorus where Quinn sings: 

Why does love always hurt? Why couldn’t we make it work? But then you made it work with her. Blame it on the distance, love me then you didn’t, you’re so inconsistent.

I’m left alone with my thoughts, wondering where I went wrong. Even though we look alike, brown hair, brown eyes, I guess she’s the better type.

The Gen Z singer, songwriter and actress got her start on the hit TV show Dance Moms before acquiring features on a variety of shows and amassing her social media following. Today she has over 2 million followers on Instagram and over 5 million followers on TikTok, where fans have already shown tons of praise for “Better Type.” 

“Better Type is actually in my playlist. THIS IS SO GOOD !!,” one fan wrote in a video that teased the song early Friday morning. 

Many are regarding the song as Quinn’s breakup anthem for her previous relationship with a high profile TV actor, but nothing has been confirmed. As for now, fans are streaming the song, which is available on all platforms. 

Los Angeles fans are especially excited as the singer is holding a meet and greet along with Jacob Moran and Elliana Walmsley at Coolkicks on Melrose Avenue, Sunday Dec. 10, 1-3 p.m..

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