Creative Cocktail Bar The Moon Room Opens On Melrose

LA’s latest music-inspired, chic party spot…

Renowned Los Angeles bar proprietor Jared Meisler, in collaboration with multi-talented textile and graphic designer Tria Jensen Meisler, is celebrating the grand opening of their latest venture, The Moon Room, in the Melrose District. 

The Moon Room, which officially opened its doors in March, occupies a prominent spot at the southeast corner of Melrose and North Formosa Avenues, just a stone’s throw from La Brea Avenue. Surrounded by the bustling energy of the city’s chic boutiques and culinary hotspots, it stands out as a beacon of allure in the heart of the Melrose District, beckoning with its inviting atmosphere and promises of unforgettable experiences.

“I have always loved that stretch of Melrose Ave,” says Meisler, who is also the force behind LA hotspots The Roger Room, Bar Lubitsch, The Friend, The Little Friend, The Brig and Gin Rummy. “It’s iconic and feels like a geographic center of Los Angeles.”

He continued, “The idea was to create a chic and sophisticated room that is not pretentious and feels fun. A place to gather and celebrate. It’s a hub for people all over LA that come to life when the sun goes down.”

Guests are enveloped in a chic and sophisticated ambiance within The Moon Room’s walls. Velvety black lacquer banquettes complement meticulously carved wood panels. White marble tables and contemporary café chairs with brass accents offer a striking juxtaposition against the sultry darkness.

The floor boasts a mesmerizing herringbone pattern, leading the eye to walls adorned with a curated collection of provocative art that intermingles with vintage abstracts, pop art, black and white nudes, and other avant-garde pieces from modern and contemporary artists. This eclectic mix creates an atmosphere of playful sensuality.

An enormous, mirrored ball gently gyrates at the heart of the space, casting a soft glow reminiscent of the moon’s seductive luminosity. The fusion of chic 1970s and 1980s Paris and New York styles with the contemporary essence of Los Angeles creates a luxurious, sophisticated, and sensual environment that invites guests to immerse themselves in an experience beyond the ordinary.

There is also a narrow balcony where guests can relish the cool breeze of the Los Angeles evening and indulge in a bird’s-eye view of the bustling late-night activity along Melrose Avenue 

Music is a defining element at The Moon Room, where the baby grand piano exudes a seductive appeal, setting the stage for captivating live performances. As the evening unfolds, the ambiance shifts to pulsating funky disco grooves.

Multi-award-winning mixologist Annemarie Sagoi leads The Moon Room’s cocktail program, ensuring an unforgettable drinking experience. As the beverage director, Sagoi has crafted an exotic menu of inventive and playful craft cocktails, each exuding a steamy and seductive vibe.

Drink prices range from $12-$18 and include standouts like the tequila-based Andromeda, the vodka-based Phoenix and the gin-based Lynx Martini. The perky supper the Hercules, made with Irish Whiskey, coffee liqueur and cold brew is also not to be missed.

There are also several No Booze options on the menu, including the Grus made with Lyre Aperitivo and Zero Proof Sparkling Rosé, the Fornax and the CBD Tart Cherry Phosphate.

 In addition to the assorted list of wines by the glass, bottled beers, dry ciders and a High Life + well bourbon or tequila shot, there are snacks elevated snacks to nosh on including Assorted Olives, Marcona Almonds, Pecorino Romano, Wasabi Peas, Salami with Stone Ground Mustard, Spicy Pepitas and Kettle Chips.

Launch the slideshow below to see more pics from inside The Moon Room and the bar’s creative cocktails.

Lyre Aperitivo, Zero Proof Sparkling Rosé, Mineral Water, Lemon
Irish Whiskey, Coffee Liqueur, Cold Brew, Chai Spices, Honey, Averna Foam
Bourbon, Date, Amaro, Black Walnut Bitters
Byrrh Quinquina, Sweet Vermouth, Fresh Berries, Lemon, Apricot
Reposado Tequila, Mezcal, Spiced Cocoa, Camel Milk, Coconut. Chartreuse, Black Salt
Lynx Martini
Gin, Bianco And Dry Vermouth, Za atar Oil Wash, Pistachio, Orange Blossom
HighLife + Bourbon
Vodka, Sticky Rice Syrup, Longan, Ginger, Lychee, Lime
Zubrowka Vodka, St Germain, Cinnamon, Apple, Angostura, Lemon
CBD Tart Phosphate
Cassiopeia Spritz
Kumquat, Jasmine, Cocchi Rosa, Lemon, Pet Nat
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The Moon Room
7174 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

Open Tuesday – Saturday from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m.