Day Drinking: Best Party Brunches

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There’s no such thing as too much brunch…

Whether you are looking for a classy brunch with the girls or something a little more wild and eccentric, there is one ingredient that every brunch requires: mimosas. Although Los Angeles is home to many trendy brunch spots, I happen to have a few favorites that provide a spectacular ambiance, food menu, and – of course – selection of morning cocktails. This list includes places that have hosted my friends and me for cute Sunday brunches consisting of little white dresses in addition to rowdier parties organized predominately around getting day drunk. No matter the occasion, I recommend all brunch lovers check out these trendy LA restaurants for your next weekend brunch with friends. 

Nic’s on Beverly

Nic’s on Beverly is a beautifully designed restaurant with outdoor patio seating surrounded by luscious greenery and sparkling fairy lights. The ambiance of this restaurant is exquisite and perfect for a classy brunch with a partner or group of friends. This restaurant is unique in that the menu is entirely plant-based. Although a couple of my carnivore friends were nervous about this aspect, we were all pleasantly surprised by the creative vegan alternatives the chefs had put together. I ordered the freshly made waffles which were covered in blueberries and glazed with homemade maple syrup, making them a perfect balance of soft and crunchy. Our entire table ordered some refreshing mimosas as well as a couple of drinks off the brunch cocktail menu. By the end of our aesthetically delicious brunch, we were all full and just the right amount of tipsy. Nic’s on Beverly managed to exceed our expectations with its beautiful ambiance and extensive food and drinks menu. 

King & Queen Cantina

King & Queen Cantina Santa Monica is a Mexican restaurant and cantina that provides customers with an upbeat vibe, including an extensive bar with music and colorful lights. Although, this restaurant is open for all meals of the day I happen to especially love the brunch menu that is offered on Saturdays and Sundays. In the past, I have religiously ordered breakfast tacos which consist of spicy soyrizo, sunny-side-up eggs, fresh avocado, and of course salsa. Although these stole my heart, what really made this brunch spot memorable was the Mimosa Flight. This exquisitely displayed tray of house-made mimosas gave us the chance to have a little taste of each of the five flavors of mimosa: cucumber, watermelon, pomegranate, pineapple, and mango. Although all were delicious, I enjoyed the spicy mango one so much that I ordered it in full size. King & Queen Cantina has never failed to provide us with a tasty meal, good vibes, and an early afternoon drink.

Lollipop Brunch

Lollipop Brunch is a very different brunch experience from most others in that it is essentially a party. This brunch venue is located at Station 1640 in Los Angeles and has both an indoor and outdoor patio area for guests to enjoy. Although some of the ‘classic’ brunch features (like food) are included at this venue, Lollipop Brunch’s true pull is DJ music, dance floors, bottle service, and a super celeb-studded hip hop crowd. This vibrantly decorated venue is covered in LED neon lights, big-screen TVs, and unique wall art, making it feel like nightlife during the day and entertaining guests. This summer brunch spot allows guests to start partying at early hours with bars both inside the club-style setup and outside on the patio. Although this particular party is only open in the summer months, Station 1640 and the host of the Lollipop Brunch Party also welcome guests during the winter with a more relaxed and classic brunch-like setting called Brunch is Bae. The winter edition encourages people to chance to enjoy delicious food and light drinks outside at a table setting while still listening to the best of contemporary hip hop and iconic throwbacks. Overall, Lollipop has mastered brunch in all its forms. From food to drinks, to parties, Lollipop Brunch is a perfect place to enjoy brunch no matter the time of year or occasion. 

The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker

My last brunch recommendation, located in West Hollywood’s Sunset Plaza, is The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker. As stated in the name, this café specializes in freshly baked bread and pastries, house-butchered meat, and delicious coffee drinks. Although a more casual and relaxed setting, BBCM Café also has an extensive cocktail menu allowing you to make your brunch a little more festive. From mimosas to house-made mixed drinks, they provided us with tasty yet strong refreshments on my visit, leaving us feeling more than just a little buzzed. Besides the drinks, the all-day brunch menu has delicious classic breakfast dishes that include the restaurant’s homemade baked goods and butchered delicacies. These incredible freshly made brunch dishes – and of course drinks – make The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker one of my favorite brunch spots for any and all occasions.  

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