Dry January Drinks: Zero-Proof Sippers

Alcohol-free spirits, wine, beer & more….

After over indulging through holidays, many people set a goal to do Dry January.

Dry January—a month-long feat to abstain from alcohol—originally launched as a campaign in 2013 under the organization Alcohol Change UK, though the practice has roots that extend as far back as 1942, when Finland had their own “Sober January” to help in the war against the Soviet Union. Now millions take part in this health challenge every year.

And these days, you don’t have to give up the “drinking” experience for a good resolution. From non-alcoholic aperitivi to canned mocktails, there are plenty zero proof option of options to try whether you are fully committed to Dry January, or just looking to balance your sipping routine. 

Check out some fun alcohol-free drinks that will get you drunk simply on their deliciousness all month long.

Loverboy Non Alcoholic Sparkling Tea

Loverboy, the RTD beverage comapny co-founded by Bravo’s “Summer House” stars Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula, is kicking off 2024 with non-alcoholic versions of two of its original, top-rated sparking tea flavors, Non-Alcoholic White Tea Peach and Non-Alcoholic Lemon Iced Tea. Loverboy leaned into its two original, fan-favorite flavors for its first non-alcoholic teas to give its millions of fans a taste-alike, alcohol-free, better-for-you-ingredients option that doesn’t skimp on flavor or sparkle. Both made with organic brewed tea, White Tea Peach and Lemon Iced Tea each weigh in at a skimpy 10 calories per can.

“Our new Non-Alcoholic White Tea Peach and Non-Alcoholic Lemon Iced Tea flavors are made for people who like to keep the party going…in moderation…and maintain a healthy lifestyle,” says Cooke, Loverboy’s CEO and founder. “While top non-alcoholic beers clock in upwards of 12g of carbs and 50 calories per can, and RTD mocktails regularly exceed 8g of sugar per can, we’re staying true to the Loverboy taste our fans love with clean ingredients, no sugar and minimal carbs.”


Martini & Rossi Aperitivi

In Italian culture, enjoying an aperitivi before dinner is a regular thing. Martini & Rossi’s non-alcoholic aperitivi Floreale and Vibrante are the most stylish options for those fully committed to Dry January, or just looking for lower ABV options to balance their sipping routine. Martini & Rossi’s expert blenders crafted Floreale and Vibrante specifically for mindful sipping moments, so that you can still indulge in their favorite happy hour libation without comprising the high-quality ingredients that the brand is known for. With distinct floral and citrus flavors, these aperitivi are delicious on their own, served over ice, but they can also be added into mocktail recipes like the Rose Martini or the Floreale Spritz. Check out the receipes below.

Rose Martini

  • 3 oz. Martini & Rossi Vibrante
  • ½ oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
  • ¼ oz. Monin Rose

Method: Mix ingredients into a cocktail shaker and pour into a coupe glass, garnish with Maraschino cherries

Floreale Spritz

  • 2 oz. Martini & Rossi Floreale
  • 3 oz. Soda Water  

Method: Add ingredients to a rocks or collins glass packed with ice and stir, garnish with an orange slice.

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Free AF Beverages

“Sober curious” Free AF Beverages are an award winning non alcoholic pre-made cocktail beverage that are also tasty AF. The drinks are enhanced with Afterglow, which is a 100% natural botanical heat extract mimicking the warmth of alcohol and rosy glow, without the booze or hangover. They are low in sugar, low in calories and gluten free. This is the perfect drink for those who are sober curious, a designated driver, those wanting a break from liquor, or those looking to get a jump on Dry January. Free AF Beverages recently introduced their latest flavor addition, Cucumber G&T, truly perfect for entertaining either on its own or in combination with their full flavor portfolio, Paloma, Apero Spritz, Cuba Libre, and Vod%a Spritz. 

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TÖST Beverages

With TÖST Beverages, you can still pop the bubbly and stay sober. The sparkling, alcohol-free refresher features all natural ingredients and is perfect for celebrating any occasion. TÖST and TÖST ROSÉ have unique flavors with hints of citrus, a subtle effervescence and are refreshingly dry, but not too sweet.

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Guiness 0

For the beer lovers, Guinness 0 is a top notch non-alcoholic brew perfect for Dry January sipping. It can be enjoyed alone or even as part of a mocktail. Try mixing up the Black Velvet mocktail made with Guinness 0 and non-alcoholic bubbly, such as a non-alcoholic sparkling wine or non-alcoholic cider. Pour the bubbly while holding a spoon at the top to slowly trickle in the liquid and make sure you control the bubbles so they don’t overflow. Add ⅓ Guinness 0 to your flute and enjoy!