E.P. & L.P.: From fine dining to late night munchies

Photography by Jennifer Johnson, Courtesy of E.P. & L.P.

“From creative cocktails to wines and beers to unique bar bites, L.P. had everything we could ask for in a bar.”

Although going out for late-night drinks is always a good time, there comes that point of the night where all you can think of is a plate of hot, salty french fries. Given how early many kitchens close, this craving can sometimes require leaving the bar and waiting in an In-N-Out for the rest of the night. Although this does satisfy one craving, these instances usually leave me feeling disappointed that I skipped out on the fun so early into the night. Despite this, E.P.&L.P. has become one of the only places that I can guarantee will keep me satisfied ‘till the end of the night with both drinks and food.

My first trip to E.P.&L.P. began with dinner at the restaurant section: ‘E.P.’ This elegant yet trendy restaurant is covered in wood and glass panels surrounding tables with bright lights hanging from the high ceilings. Given E.P.’s menu was established by the culinary director, Monty Koludrovic, my friends and I had very high expectations for the courses we were about to devour. We started off our meal with some freshly baked sourdough and a classic charcuterie plate. These appetizers were large enough to share, but not enough to stop us from eagerly ordering entrées. For the main course, I ordered what was suggested by my waitress, the gnocchi lobster, which did more than exceed my expectations. The creamy consistency with the perfect amount of spice left me in awe – as well as incredibly full. For dessert, I ordered the goat’s cheesecake which was a perfect balance of sweet and fruity with a layer of berry sauce coating the slice. By the end of the dessert, we were beyond stuffed and satisfied with our meal. The quality and quantity of these elegantly styled dishes made every penny worth it. 


After a bit more chatter and digesting, my friends and I decided it was time for a drink. As the restaurant wrapped up for the night, we were conveniently escorted upstairs to the beautiful rooftop bar lit with string lights, known as the ‘L.P.’ section. After admiring the view of the iconic Sunset Strip and Hollywood Hills, we made our way to the bar and browsed the menu. From creative cocktails to wines and beers to unique bar bites, L.P. had everything we could ask for in a bar. I ordered the house-made Tenderoni cocktail which consisted of a gin base with a sweet citrusy twist. We sat by the fireplace on cute patio-like chairs and sipped our drinks until we were brave enough to do a bit of socializing. Although E.P&L.P does apply Covid safety precautions with capacity limits and masks, there is space to meet other people and have a more typical bar experience. Sure enough, after a few more drinks and a bit of dancing, the craving for some french fries hit me. Thankfully, the L.P. rooftop menu is expansive enough to include some classic bar snacks, such as deliciously seasoned waffle fries, as well as small meals to keep you going and drinking throughout the night – all too tasty to resist or regret. 

Overall E.P&L.P checks all the boxes. The elegant ambiance and exquisite menu were definitely highlights, however, the conveniently designed rooftop bar awaiting us after our delicious meal was the cherry on top for me. E.P&L.P’s ability to balance both a drink and food menu past usual hours made leaving this bar nearly impossible. My friends and I ended up staying until the rooftop closed, and as we were paraded out with the rest of the late-night crowd, we vowed we’d come back for another West Hollywood night. 

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