Get In Losers, The Mean Girls Experience Is Opening In LA

This is so fetch…

It’s been almost 20 years since we learned that you can’t just ask people why they are White and that on Wednesdays, we wear pink! Of course, we are excited for the film adaptation of Mean Girls The Musical, but get ready to take it to another level with The Mean Girls Experience, a dining activation presented by Bucketlisters coming to Los Angeles from February 24th-April 21st. 

Choose what social clique you belong at as you sit and eat at the cafeteria of North Shore High. Your 90 minute lunch period includes an entré and side item of your choice as well as a Candy Cane graham. You won’t get as many as Glen Coco, but you definitely won’t be feeling like Grecthen Weiners. 

The hall monitors will be pretty chill, so when you are done with your meal, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the halls of North Shore High. Channel Regina George’s mom at the Cool Mom Bar, and then channel Regina by writing a message in the Burn Book and gaze into her bedroom mirror. 

There are endless photo opportunities including posing on the Winter Talent Show stage or testing your knowledge with the mathletes. You can end out your trip at the Museum of Mean Girls that will include exciting items such as original costumes and set pieces. Then, get in loser, we’re going shopping because the gift store includes experience exclusive merchandise. 

Tickets start at $39 per person and include your cafeteria entré. Guests can choose from the Burn Book Burger (also available in beyond beef), It Was One Time! Hot Dog, Something Fun Tacos, Jambo! Mac n Cheese, Stab Caesar Salad, Buttered Muffins Breakfast Sandwiches, and Grool Croque Madame. The menu is curated by Chef Becky Brown, who was a 2012 FOX Master-Chef finalist.

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All images credited to Bucketlisters