Get The Look: Rita Ora's Sexy Wet Hair At The Met Gala

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“Effortlessly cool…”

Rita Ora was one of the many famous faces who walked the red carpet on fashion biggest night. 

The 2024 Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala—otherwise known as the Met Gala—took place on Monday, May 6 in New York City. The theme this year was “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,” which is also the title of the museums’ latest high fashion art exhibition.

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On the red carpet, Rita interpreted the theme by wearing a revealing ensemble by Marni which was contrasted from antique glass beads. 

“This dress encapsulates in the most delicate and powerful manner a real tapestry of human crafts spanning a period of two millennia from Egypt to Rome,” Rita shared on her Instagram. “It is composed of one of a kind antique glass beads from all over the world, highlighting one of humankind’s most ancient crafted objects and paired together with antique handmade glass beads from Murano ranging between the 40’s all through to the 70’s.”

She continued, “It has been constructed as if all the vertical beads have been weaved together to make an intricate pattern play between colour and texture. The verticality of the dress elongates the silhouette, and the slight tension around the waist exhale the curves of the body further. It is all hanging from a beautiful handmade metal structure that adorns the neckline almost as a jewel and defines it in a very graphic way.”

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The “You Only Love Me” singer—who was joined by her filmmaker husband Taika Waititi—completed the look with a sexy wet hairstyle created by celeb stylist Brent Lawler.

“Rita’s dress is a true expression of human craftsmanship and creativity… thousands of handmade Murano glass beads fall in a single panel from the neck like flowing water,” says Brent. “Water, wet, beauty; These words inspired me to approach her hair in a completely different, abstract and artisanal way.”

He continued, “I wanted the hair to be wet and very close to the head to showcase the extraordinary beauty of the dress itself. The hair is very textured and frames the face softly like she had almost come straight out of a beautiful stream. This is not really your conventional red-carpet look, but instead something that feels more emotional and couture. 

Brent says when he presented the concept to Rita, she was extatic about the sexy, slippery vibe.

“I know how to read Rita’s reaction by the sparkle she gets in her eye, he says. “When we trialed this look, she turned to me and said, ‘this is perfection!’

Want to get the look? Brent breaks down it down step-by-step and shares how you can achieve the same style at home.

(Photo by Pierre Perusseau)

Step 1

Rita’s hair was prepped for the Met Gala using TYPEBEA haircare. Her preparation began months prior with daily application of the G1 Overnight Boosting Peptide scalp serum, promoting, strong, healthier hair growth. Rita’s consistent use of the TYPEBEA routine enhanced her hair health, giving her the confidence to embrace her natural hair by removing extensions and opting for a shorter style ahead of the gala.

On the morning of the Met, Rita followed her hair prep routine. She started by cleansing her hair with the G2 Strength + Length Shampoo, followed by the G3 Strength + Length Conditioner which works to plump strands and give the appearance of thicker hair. Then the G4 Hydra-Gloss Treatment Mask was applied for hydration and red carpet-ready shine, leaving it on for three minutes before rinsing.

With its traceless application, Rita applied the G1 Overnight Boosting Peptide scalp serum along her hairline and middle parting, ensuring her strands and scalp were strengthened ahead of styling.

G1 Overnight Boosting Peptide, TYPEBEA


G2 Strength + Length Shampoo, TYPEBEA


G3 Strength + Length Conditioner, TYPEBEA


G4 Hydra-Gloss, TYPEBEA


Step 2

Following wash and prep, Brent towel dried Rita’s hair to remove excess moisture, then loosely finger dried Rita’s hair with hair dryer on medium heat.

Step 3

Using a wet look mousse, Brent sectioned the hair and placed product directly at the root.

Step 4

Using a wide tooth comb Brent gently let the natural texture move forward all around her face and down to the nape of her head.

Step 5

Using very fine hair pins, Brent secured the hair in areas all around her face so it wouldn’t move while he dried it.

Step 6

Using soft tulle mesh as a head scarf, he then took a diffuser and blow dryer on very low heat and defused hair from a distance. Once the hair is fully dry, he removed the tulle net and using a fine hair oiled mist spry and paint brush, he went in with oil on the brush and swiped the areas of hair where the light would hit on red carpet.

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