Heatless Hair: Rocking Real Inches and Keeping Hair Healthy

“With Heatless Hair, I accomplished my ideal styling with zero damage. . .”

I have super long, blonde hair. It’s sort of my signature, or at least I see it that way. I’ve only had one major hair cut in my life; I was in 6th grade and I wanted the Jennifer Anniston shag – I mean, who didn’t? It looked darling when it was styled for my school photo, but most of the time I looked like one of the Hanson boys. So from then on it, the goal was to get my hair to touch my butt. I also started getting highlights in 8th grade. Meaning, at 33 I’ve gone through 20 years of bleaching and only a small handful of ‘healthy trims.’ This sounds like a recipe for damage, and the truth is. . . it just might be. 

I’m fighting hard against age to keep the ridiculously lengthy locks. When I was younger, I imagined that by this time I’d be ready to transition to a shorter, more-strawberry-blonde ‘do – sort of like Rachel McAdams in the Notebook. But, let’s be honest, I had a very different perception of what 30+ would be like when I was in my teens and twenties. And, straight up, I’m not ready to let go of my look. Compounding the maltreatment and youthful desires, is the simple fact that my go-to style is loose waves that fall away from my face and middle part. I rock these curls 99% of the time, meaning I use my 1-inch barrel curling iron nearly daily. Let’s go ahead and add heat damage to the list of issues which might just make my hair fall out. 

But, this winter I’ve found the solution to all my problems: Heatless Hair’s Curling Ribbon Kit (pink for me!). After hearing the overwhelming hype about this product, I decided to give it a try. With slightly damp hair, I placed the curling ribbon on top of my head and wrapped my strands away from my face and around the soft silk barrel, securing it with the matching scrunchies. This took all of 2 minutes, and – if I’m being honest – I looked damn cute when I was done, like I was wearing one of those German beer maid costumes (in other words, not too embarrassing to rock if you’re having a sleep over. . . wink wink). When I woke up the next morning, I unwrapped the apparatus to find bouncy, natural looking curls that I separated easily with my fingers.

With Heatless Hair, I accomplished my ideal styling with zero damage. Not to mention, there was something about the feeling of these results that seemed more real than when I used an iron. A full day later, I awoke with curls still intact and again, appearing as if they grew from my scalp. Needless to say, I’m hooked! So what’s the downside? The only thing I can think of is: forethought. I admit there’s plenty of times that I come home from the gym with only an hour to get ready for a night out, and that’s when a blow drier and curling iron come in handy. But with a little planning, I think Heatless Hair can give me another decade of extended inches. Call me converted! 

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