It’s Never Too Late for Food

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For some reason food seems to taste better after the club…

Late night food is the lifeblood of going out. We know Berri’s and Bossa Nova are Hollywood after-club go-tos, but what other spots can we hit? Whether you are getting a late start and need a base to keep you from the messiness of catch-up tequila shots on an empty stomach, or morning mimosas turned into mid-day chardonnay turned into pre-club shots turned into an empty hole in your stomach that must be filled with various forms of various meats and cheeses, these are a few of my favorite places to satisfy those midnight cravings.

Jones Hollywood

If you have ever wanted to visit the set of Goodfellas, the closest that I can send you to the actual set is Jones. Lit dimly by lamps and complete with red and white checkered tablecloths, this classic Italian spot serves equally classic fare without pretension. This is the place to go if you need a hot and greasy pizza or comforting spaghetti and meatballs. Additionally, if you are stoned, this is the place to come and blend in, where you can focus on your relationship with the cheese and carbs while joining in with some of LA’s most notable people – potheads, I mean. The beautiful thing about Jones is that, draped in the light of the red lampshades and candle-holders, nothing but your party and your food will matter to you.

Wally’s Beverly Hills

Chic and consistent, Wally’s is an upscale counterpart to Jones. Being both wine bar and market, my vision of Wally’s is always headed by world-class charcuterie and liberal use of truffles in their dishes. Personally, I always start with the Truffle Pommes-Frites to share while taking my first sips of one of their over 2,500 bottles of wine, a collection that will put you in awe the first time you see it. The French-inspired complex never fails to remind me of the timelessness of wine. Its beauty and importance, is something I witness in the sheen of a cabernet rolling down the sides of a glass with a near jelly-like consistency. Paired with one of their cheeses and some cured meat, the overload of bliss experienced might be the closest to God any of us ever get.

Dan Sung Sa Koreatown

Closing out my recommendations, I had to mention Dan Sung Sa in K-Town. If there is any kind of food that is perfect for keeping you from falling into drunken messiness and a killer hangover, it has got to be Korean bar food. Offerings of bulgogi, chicken wings, and spicy ramen (a tried and true Korean hangover repellent) are elevated with the restaurant’s immersive décor, designed after the peninsula’s own traditional pubs. Korean beer – I prefer Terra or Cass – and soju are must-haves for taming the food’s bold heat, but be warned: this combination will probably keep you there until closing, foiling any plans you may have had for after. Nonetheless, great times are sure to be had.

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