Jillisa Lynn Talks 2 A.M Chronicles On PCN Music Video Series

“Playboy has been amazing to me but I run around naked and I think that kinda added to it.”

New York singer/songwriter/model Jillisa Lynn talks about what it means being free-spirited “I end up with like 5 naked women in my house sitting in different positions” she’s continues “I’m so free spirited that it doesn’t even mean that it’s sexual, it’s just like free spirited” Jillisa Lynn explains. In this installment of 2 A.M Chronicles the artist breaks down her Hollywood experiences and takes PCN behind how it all inspired the narrative in her latest music video After The Club.  “My song After The Club is basically about how you’re in the party, it could be packed but you only see one person”  Jillisa Lynn tells PCN.

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