Lashed For the Very First Time: With Lulubelle Lashes

Being able to say ‘I woke up with lashes like this’ and actually mean it, is pretty invigorating.

“The eyes, chico. They never lie”, but your lashes can! I came a bit late to the lashes party, as in I’ve never had extensions applied before. As a total newbie, I can see how it can become an obsession. I mean, there’s been so many times I forgot my mascara and with lash extensions you never have to worry about that, in fact you can forget it altogether if you’re willing to maintain the look.

Lash extensions have been around for a while and the industry is (shall we say), a bit saturated so it’s important to find a qualified artist who knows their stuff and can ensure your natural lashes are taken care of at the same time. I never initially had the desire to get my lashes done when the trend seemed to be everywhere. But recently, when the opportunity came up, I thought it would be fun to try. At the same time, I was a little hesitant; I mean I’m the kind of person that can’t even deal with eyedrops. But lucky for me, I was in good hands with the lovely Talula, owner of Lulubelle Lashes, who assured me it would be a pain-free process!

I had already let Talula know that I was completely new to this and had asked if there was anything I needed to do beforehand, and it’s pretty simple – make sure your lashes are clean and makeup free. This helps your lash artist ensure they have a fresh base to work on as well as reduce the time of having to remove any mascara or liner. 

I showed up at her home-based studio in Beverly Hills with plenty of nearby parking, which was one less thing to stress over. . . besides the usual LA traffic. She checked if I had any allergies and then looked over my inspo pictures. I chose what’s called a hybrid set with a cat eye style. My typical eyeliner look.

She then got started, and let me tell you: it was a very long process. And I guess it should be, as your lash artist has to apply each lash individually to get your desired look. But to be honest, Talula was so friendly and conversative, that the time just flew by, and I even completely forgot that there were tweezers up against my eyelids. She was also great about walking me through each step in between so I knew what to expect. Two and a half hours later, and I was ready for the big reveal. I opened my eyes and then checked my set out in the mirror. And I was really taken aback – I mean I’d never seen my eyes like that before and it definitely would need some getting used to, but it was beautiful in all its voluminous and fluttery glory. It really is a form of art and takes real skill to create looks like this, and Talula was wonderful. 

Before Appointment Tips

  • Come prepared with ideas or send your inspo pics ahead of your appointment
  • No eye makeup to the appointment
  • Avoid caffeine – it makes your eyelids flutter and that is not helpful for any lash artist!
  • You’re going to be stuck in a chair for a long, long time – so make sure you’re comfy and obviously use the bathroom beforehand!

Aftercare Tips

  • Don’t get your lashes wet for 24-48 hours after your appointment
  • Brush your lashes daily
  • Wash your lashes once a day with baby shampoo and a makeup brush
  • Avoid oil-based products on your lash line
  • Refills are recommended every 2-3 weeks to maintain your look

Being able to say ‘I woke up with lashes like this’ and actually mean it, is pretty invigorating. But I’m not sure lashes 365 days of the year is for me, that’s my personal choice though as these make a very glamorous statement. But if you’re up to the investment of glam lashes on the daily and on the lookout for a new lash artist or a first timer wanting to make sure you’re in the best hands, Talula at Lulubelle Lashes is your girl for flawless looks. She also specializes in spray tans so you can get that sun kissed glow while you’re at it. 

She has a special for new clients of $70 for any lash set and spray tans buy 1 ($45) get one free. Regular lash set prices are $90 classic, $100 hybrid. $115 volume and $129 mega volume.  Contact her through Instagram and she does house calls as well if you prefer to by cozy at home!

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