Legendary James Goldstein Gives A Tour Of His Nightclub And Home

“I have always dreamed about having my own nightclub and designing my own nightclub because I’ve been such an avid club-goer all of my life, all over the world.”

NBA super fan and fashionista James Goldstein gives us a tour of his architecturally impressive house/club and a sneak peek at his swanky wardrobe while talking about Club James. “I would give Rihanna’s party the number one ranking here,” says Goldstein referring to the crazy parties he has hosted in his very own house-turned club. Goldstein shares his nightlife experiences noting that Moscow has some of the best nightlife for the beautiful women and the greatest music he has ever experienced. “My best nightlife moments have been in Europe, in places like Paris, Saint Tropez, and Mykonos” he reveals. 


He also talks about his distinctive style, explaining that he has spent a lot of time at fashion shows and studying new pieces from his favorite designers, one of which is Olivier Rousteing of Balmain, designing special clothing for this legend and personal friend. “The one person who I really looked up to when it came to his dress style was Michael Jackson,” says Goldstein. When it comes to the design of his stunning house, he says “I look at every little detail and I’m never willing to settle.” He wraps things up by noting what he would like to be remembered for— Club James because it is unique to him as he played a major role in the design of the space, and “as being a unique person that takes my passions further than anyone else has ever done.” 

Check out the full video above for more.

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