L.A.'s First Vegan Sushi Barbie Roll Debuts at Niku Nashi

Come on Barbie, let’s dining ….

Niku Nashi, the vegan sushi restaurant located in A Plant-Based Bar (APB) on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles has introduced the Barbie roll to its rotating menu of seasonal offerings.

All dolled up in pink soy paper, this limited-time creation features fried oyster mushroom, pickled cabbage, plant-based caviar, plant-based spicy tuna, burdock root, and avocado. Sesame, spicy aioli, and siracha accessorize this beautiful dish, sure to appeal to vegans and non-vegans alike.

The Barbie Roll

While neither Barbie herself nor Mattel have made any public comment on Barbie’s diet, she is at her core an animal lover. One can easily infer that Barbie eschews meat and animal products.

“I’ve always believed that Barbie was vegan,” said Niko Zaragoza, Executive Chef/Co-owner of Niku Nashi. “I suspect her radiant glow and her partner’s ‘Kenergy’ stem from a plant-based diet. If so, they are more than pop-culture icons; they are contributors to a healthier, more sustainable planet.”

Diners intent on having their best day ever, or at least their best vegan sushi ever, can enjoy the Barbie roll during lunch or dinner at Niku Nashi through the end of August. It is also available via all the major food delivery apps.

Opened in February, both Niku Nashi and APB—which serves vegan-certified alcohol and craft cocktails by barman Julian Cox—specialize in innovative takes on timeless classics. APB .

Zaragoza has been a long-time pioneer of plant-based sushi. He previously worked as a consultant with Kenshō, a vegan sushi restaurant in neighboring Riverside County. His other creations for Niku Nashi include The Golden Niku Nashi Cut Roll, Plant-Based Ceviche Tacos and Plant-Based Japanese Fried Chicken.

Niku Nashi Vegan Sushi
7302 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles