Megan Thee Stallion Makes Mental Health PSA With Seize The Awkward

Bad bitches have bad days too

From releasing “Bongos” with Cardi B to performing on the Renaissance Tour with Beyoncé, Megan Thee Stallion has already had an eventful fall. But now, she’s keeping it real and has released a public service announcement called “Check in With Your Friends.” 

“Check in on Your Friends” is part of a larger campaign called “Seize the Awkward,” which targets 16-24 year olds with conversations about mental health and mental health resources. It is a collaborative campaign between The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and The Jed Foundation with support from the Ad Council and Droga5

The “Savage” rapper’s video has the message that “It’s OK to not be OK.” The video takes place in a concrete room with the artist in the center talking about how she’s always been told she needs to be tough.

Thick-skinned. Stiff upper lip. Tough as nails. But to be everything for everybody, it wears on you,” Thee Stallion says as the concrete around her starts to crack and crumble. “‘Black don’t crack,’ they say, but it can. I can. We all can.”

The video ends with the “Body” rapper encouraging listeners and viewers to check out, as well as check out her own website

Megan Thee Stallion is a great choice for this campaign, as it is no secret she’s had some rough patches. Over the last few years, she’s gone through a draining legal battle with ex-boyfriend Tory Lanez and lost both of her parents all while rising to stardom and graduating from college. In addition to the public service announcement, she’s done short videos about topics such as “being vulnerable” and “opening up.” 

“So I just want my hotties to know, or anybody, but specifically my hotties…I just want my hotties to know, like, let it out, tell somebody. Because somebody does care,” the artist and philanthropist told the camera.

The PSA is now not only available on Youtube but planned to be launched on a series of platforms including SiriusXM. The PSA and greater campaign was inspired by the statistic that 76% of young adults will turn to a peer during a crisis. Seize The Awkward will hopefully help youth, especially Black and Hispanic youth, have mental health resources and learn the signs. 

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