Nailed It: Recreate America Ferrera's 'Barbie'-Inspired Mani From The 2024 Oscars

Simply, perfectly pink… 

America Ferrera ended the season of Barbie with a pink bang, as the best supporting actress nominee graced the Oscars’ red carpet in a custom pink Versace gown that took over 400 hours to make. 

This was the first time Ferrera made a red carpet appearance in the official Barbie color, and it did not disappoint. Her stylist Karla Welch accessorized everything without a flaw, including her perfectly pink manicure. Loop got the inside scoop on the nail look, and it actually did involve a multi-hundred dollar salon visit.

Keep scrolling to see how you can get Ferrera’s adorable and affordable manicure. 

Celebrity manicurist Diem Truong used the KISS Salon X-tend LED Soft Gel System, specifically using the style Gloria. What makes this system different from other manicure products on the market is that it comes in a variety of lengths, shapes, and finishes that can last up to 14 days. KISS already pre-sculpts and pre-polishes the nails, making them easily ready to be applied with an exclusive LED Gel adhesive that’s bubble free and leaves a flawless finish. 

The best part is these products are safe on natural nails, keeping their integrity and strength.


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When explaining the Barbie star’s manicure, Troung explained “Since the accessories, jewelry, shoes and outfit were all pink, America and her stylist really wanted to keep the manicure very neutral to allow the metallic pink Versace gown to shine.” 

This logic explains her choice of the Gloria style as it is a solid light pink nail tip in medium length and almond shape. Before applying, She prepped the nails using the manicure stick and file included in the starter kit. She cleaned, filed, and buffed the nails, then wiped the nails with the prep pad. 

Troung pre-selected the actress’s nail sizes for a proper fir and then applied the gel adhesive inside the numbered circle on each nail to ensure she applied the perfect amount, so the nails would stay without creating a mess. 

She flash cured the nails under the LED light for 5-7 seconds then removed the excess gel adhesive. The nails finished curing in 1-2 minutes, 

All the tools mentioned can be found in the starter kit. Troung specifically used the Tone starter kit, but there are different styles such as Pure for different types of looks. Also, if you find you mess up or need to remove the nails before the 14 day period, the KISS Glue-Off ensures for a mess-free removal. 

See below to shop the products, so you can also feel like a Barbie.

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