6 Halloween Makeup Tutorials For Your Last Minute Plans

Hot or Haunting? We can’t tell the difference…

It’s hard to believe that Halloween is almost here, and makeup is about to be the MVP for the next week. It can be a last minute costume or used to already enhance your look. Either way, these makeup tutorials will have you spookily ready for all your haunting events. 

The Purge Face

A classic Halloween look, being a Purge villain from the disturbing franchise in an equally simple and terrifying costume. Most people opt for a  purge mask, but one can put their own twist on it and paint the multi-X design on their face. We love Jesslyn Mata’s take with the neon pink  face paint as well as the black jewels. Imagine how iconic this look will be under a club’s black light! What’s even better is that this creator does not gate keep, as she told her followers in the comments that the facepaint crucial to recreating this look is from Vanders Girls, and the rhinestones can easily be found at Hobby Lobby and Amazon.

Glam Avatar

You don’t have to cover yourself in blue to look like a character out of the blockbuster franchise, Avatar. Makeup influencer Kali Ledger is able to capture the iconic lines and patterns just by using contour and highlight tones, as well as some pink makeup. She does add costume ears, but you can make this look as simple or complicated as you want. Just don’t forget the body shimmer!

The Joker

This would not be a Halloween makeup round up without mentioning The Joker. The best part about The Joker makeup is that it’s easy to put your own spin on it, and one can make it as complicated or easy as they want. We are a fan of Angel Cake’s tutorial with her use of a combination of eyeliner art and eyeshadow layering, but click on the sound and you will find countless amazing Joker tutorials from glam to simple to graphic. 

A Mesmerizing Mermaid/Siren

Earlier this year, we saw the rise of the “mermaid core” aesthetic in fashion with pearls and crochet and shell accessories. Therefore, it only makes sense that mermaids and sirens are going to be a top costume this year. Luckily the makeup to complete the look is pretty simple. The key is some shimmering eye shadow and fishnets to create a fish scale effect. This creator, Florence, shows the technique beautifully.

A Spooky Skeleton/Skull Face

Skull makeup has been a trending look these past few weeks. However, the full face look can seem pretty intimidating, especially when it comes to the symmetry of the lines. That’s why we love this tutorial from Evala Rosa, who uses different parts of her eyelash curler to create the effects! This can be a costume all on its own, or just what you need for a corpse/skull bride look.

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 A Monsterous Scratch

If you’ve gotten to the end of this list and are thinking, “these looks are great, but I still find them way too complicated,” don’t worry! We hear you and this option is for you because all you need is some red face paint and a fork. Following @lenkaluls tutorial, you’ll look like you have a bloody scratch in just a few steps. It’s easy to recreate, and you won’t have to waste a whole bottle of makeup remover trying to perfect it.