6 Influencers Who Should Be On Your 2024 Watchlist

Who will dominate 2024? 

The year of 2023…Alix Earle graduated from the University of Miami, Matt Rife announced a world tour that sold out despite negatively trending on X every week, and food influencer Keith Lee expanded his food reviews from Las Vegas to more American cities. 

Another 12 months have passed, and we social media users have watched our fair share of rises and downfalls. With such a chaotic year, it might make one wonder what 2024 has in store. Here at Loop Magazine, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the influencer landscape and here are some figures we think are going to make 2024 their year.

Tiff Baira 

@tiffbaira NEVER LETTING MY BADDIES GET REJECTED BY A BOY OR A BOUNCER #nyc #nycnightlife #nycclubs #partynyc #thebox #celebs #timotheechalamet #dancingnyc #newyork ♬ Prada (feat. D-Block Europe) (Acoustic Version) – cassö & RAYE


Tiff Baira is a social media renaissance woman. Originally a model, she blew up by posting encouraging videos about applying to agencies, but has since expanded her brand to include all things nightlife and dating. While based in New York, Baira has quite the knowledge of all the dating and nightlife capitals (NYC, LA and Miami). On TikTok, she regularly posts videos advising the best nightlife spots and how to get into them, and which places are the best to meet a certain type of man.

She’s also put her hosting skills to the use as the host of Street Hearts NYC, which matchmakes strangers in the streets of New York. She also appeared in Roku’s Match Me in Miami. Known for her opening catchphrase, “Hey girls, it’s Tiff,” we are excited to see where else we will be hearing it. 

Ashtin Earle


business casual at the club or nothin

♬ original sound – Ashtin Earle


Alix Earle had quite the 2023, but we are also keeping a close eye on her younger sister, Ashtin. Ashtin herself has also upped her social media game in the last year, now having 110k on Instagram and over 330k on TikTok where she shares glimpses into her travels, fashion and beauty looks and of course get ready with me videos. 

Ashtin does not share as many personal details as her older sister, but it is known that she is studying at Tulane and looking to get into the medical field. She keeps her Instagram aesthetic with various high quality photos and photo dumps. She also appeared in a PJ Place holiday campaign alongside her sister that we can’t help but wonder if she has any other projects planned for the new year. 

Gina Bella Cardinale

@ginabellacardinale DIVAS💗💗 #nyc #fyp #bratzdolls #bffs ♬ original sound – ooohbratz


Get ready for lots of pink and lots of confidence with Gina Bella Cardinale. Based in New York City, she shows up on thousands of For You Pages for her public dancing videos, often with her friend Katie Suydam. The two are both dancers and students, and will take videos with trending songs while dramatically lip syncing and choreographing to them anywhere and everywhere, from the subway to the city streets. 

No matter the video Cardinale is posting, she is always serving absolute girly goals in her pink outfits, bows, and frilly accessories. Between the color coordination and impeccably put together ensembles, her Instagram looks like every girly girl’s Pinterest board. Currently she has 47k on TikTok and 1.7k on Instagram, but we think that will definitely change over the next 12 months.

Paul Russell

@paulrussellmusic #stitch with @Paul Russell ♬ Lil Boo Thang – Paul Russell


“Lil Boo Thang” should definitely be on your 2023 playlist, and we think blow up artist Paul Russell definitely has more to give us.  Russel ended 2023 with a bang, having not only performed at the Macy’s Day Parade, but also at 102.7 KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball as well as Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

So far his discography includes a variety of non-album singles, a 2018 collaborative album, as well as a 2019 solo album Once in a Dry Season. His background is in rap, but he loves soul and funk music which served as inspiration for Lil Boo Thang. His Instagram bio currently says “aspiring two hit wonder,” and we think that goal is definitely achievable and there will be multiple hits to come. 

Greta Louise Tomé

@gretalouisetome The most fun day shooting with @Rachel Santos @Larissarsantos 🤍 wedding dress is #kimkassas from @Bridal Reflections 🤍 styling @sincerelyambrosia 🤍mua @Kittykat_315 #bridal #editorial #airplane #flying #travel #weddingdress ♬ That’s Life – Frank Sinatra


Greta Louise Tomé creates lifestyle content that many of us dream of. Based in NYC she is a fit model and shares all the types of garments she gets to try on. She also makes content around skincare and beauty. She got married this year and had a beautiful wedding that created lots of viral content, including a small vintage plane flying above her and her pilot fiancé for pictures. 

This creator also has her own jewelry brand, Greta Louise that sells pieces that are 18k gold plated over sterling silver. Both her personal and professional profiles are perfectly curated, and her fashion knowledge also creates great forecast trends. We have a good feeling that more people are going to come to her for both inspiration and information in 2024. 

Natalia Bryant


🪩 Renaissance!!!!

♬ original sound – Re DeVine


Daughter of the late Kobe Bryant, Natalia Bryant is starting to make a career for herself. The 20 year old is exploring modeling. Signed with IMG, Bryant walked her first runway ever with Donatella Versace for her 2024 Spring/Summer line this past Milan fashion week. She also made an appearance at the BOSS show.

Since then, she’s had partnerships with brands such as Ugg. We could be seeing her on the runway again very soon with fashion month coming up in February. The big mystery is what her next show or campaign will be and how her career will progress in the next year.