10 Hangover Tips: What To Know Before The Party Starts

Hammered. Sloshed. Lit. Crunk. Plastered. Blotto.

However you say it, we’ve all been DRRUUUNNKK. And we’ve all experienced the dreaded
morning-after of partying like a rock star. Last night you were on top of the world, and now you
feel like being buried underground. Your head is pounding. You’re nauseous. But, you’re young,
you’re hot, and you’re definitely going to break that promise of ‘never drinking again,’ so these
are the hangover tips you need to know before the party pops off…

Some tips work better for different people, so it’s important to take these tips like your tequila
shots- with a grain of salt, and not all at once!

1) Hair of the dog – Okay this one is popular for a reason. The idea is to keep drinking to
numb the symptoms of your hangover and stabilize the alcohol’s negative effects on
your body’s chemistry. The set back is that it might be a temporary fix, delaying the
inevitable crash ‘til later. But as temporary fixes go, this one is the most fun. Let’s face it,
if you’re at this point, you might not be the best at decision-making. So, cheers!
The Bloody Mary is the preeminent hangover-drink-of-choice, and LA has top-notch
Bloody Mary bars. We recommend Franklin and Company Tavern, where the drink
comes garnished with a slider. Also popular: Brick + Mortar, The Belmont, Home , La Cita,
and Sunny Spot.

2) Brunch – If you can stomach it – Alcohol not only dehydrates, but it reduces your blood
sugar, so it’s important to replenish your system. Unless you’re feeling queasy, nothing
is as satisfying after a long night of drinking than soaking up that alcohol with some eggs
Benny or a plate of French toast.
It’s the perfect opportunity for you and your friends to recap the funny stories from the
night before- or perhaps you just need help remembering what happened last night and
figuring out who keeps texting you from this random number.
Some of LA’s tastiest brunch spots: The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappucino Maker; Sqirl;
Farmshop; Republique; Blu Jam Cafe; Trois Familia; Salazar; Eveleigh.

3) Be CLEAR on what you’re drinking – We’ve all heard the rhymes discouraging the
mixing of liquors. But did you also know that certain drinks cause worse hangovers? It’s
not as catchy, but it’s true. Darker liquors- red wine, whiskey, etc.- contain more congeners, a type of alcohol that is harder for the body to process, and therefore leave you feeling shittier. Good news for people that prefer vodka and gin.

The more expensive the liquor, typically the higher the quality (the more congeners are
filtered out through the distillation process). That doesn’t mean you can’t get hungover
from top shelf bottles, of course. But, PCN recommends you keep it classy and cough up
the extra buck or two for your drink- better than coughing up a lung the next morning.

4) Drink, while you’re drinking – Good, old-fashioned hydration. Water is the key to life,
and it’s a key to being the life of the party. True partiers know what it takes to keep the
night going, so drink like a pro and sip on some water throughout the night and in
between drinks.
Don’t be afraid to look weak in front of your friends by ordering H2O. You’ll have the
last laugh when you’re ready to hit the after-hours spot with your new acquaintance,
while they are getting acquainted with the bathroom floor.

5) Eat BEFORE you drink – It’s never a good idea to drink on an empty stomach- the
alcohol will hit you faster and stronger- unless you’re in one of those moods where you
feel like blacking out and making bad decisions.
There’s also no excuse, as LA is a foodie town, considered one of the most diverse and
exciting food cities in the world. Do your (future) self a favor and enjoy some of LA’s
finest sushi, Mexican, burger or pizza joints with friends before hitting the town. Greasy
foods line the stomach and absorb the alcohol the best.

6) The overachiever’s option- Get Off Your Ass! – Although it seems counterintuitive, or
like the last thing you want to do if you’re hungover, a light work-out such as a hike, can
help (unless of course your hangover is severe and you’re getting sick, in which case
working out will only exacerbate the symptoms).
‘Sweating the alcohol out of your pores’ is a myth, albeit one you can smell. In reality
the alcohol has already passed through your system by the next morning, you’re just
feeling the effects. But, working out does release chemicals and hormones such as
endorphins and adrenaline that will boost your mood and energy, helping to mask the
hangover. Remember to refuel your electrolytes with water, sports drinks, or even

So, if you can power through, get your blood flowing and enjoy the fresh air and views
while experiencing LA’s gorgeous hikes, with an abundance of trails from Malibu to Hollywood to the east side. And hey, you might run into that stranger you were making eye contact with across the bar last night. LA can be a small town that way.

7) IV VIP – There’s a new trend for those seeking a quick fix to a hangover- and cash to
burn in that pursuit. Companies like The I.V. Doc offer on-demand, in-home services
where a licensed technician will set you up with an IV (that’s intravenous) and pump you
full of nutrients and vitamins designed to promote faster recovery, and generally
enhance and restore wellness for an array of ailments, including jet-lag, flu, food
poisoning and you guessed it, hangover.
Choose from options such as the Cleanse, Detox, Revive, and Refresh, ranging from $150
to $269 per session (which can take 15 minutes to an hour to administer). Schedule an
appointment and they can arrive at your destination- home, office, street corner- within
60 minutes.
Convenience and speed come with a price tag, but so does living the glam life. The
discretion and expense make this a popular fix with celebrities and high-profile
individuals that want to feel the zip from the drip.

8) Get Juiced, Orally – If shooting the wellness directly into your veins is too intense for
you, there’s a simpler way. It’s hard to go anywhere in LA without running into a pressed
juice bar offering colorful concoctions loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
that promote the cleansing and detoxifying of the body along with other health-
recovery benefits.
Are pressed juices a fad? Do they work? Does it matter? At this point in your hangover,
you are willing to try anything, and the juices and smoothies are (mostly) delicious and
certainly healthier than what you drank last night.
Here are some top juice-bar destinations in LA: Juice CraftersKreation KafeNaturewell, The Punchbowl, Earthbar, and LA Press Juice.

9) Binge again! – The lazy/smart way– Stay in bed and fire up the Netflix, Roku, Apple TV,
YouTube, Sony Crackle- whatever. We are in the Golden Age of TV and there is so much
quality content to catch up on so you can join the conversation on your next night out.
Spoiler alert: Your body needs rest and sleep to recuperate from your night of
indulgence! This is your excuse to stay inside all day and binge an entire season in one
sitting- not that you really needed one.

Blast the A/C, pull the blanket over yourself, scroll through your queue and by the time
Eleven has closed the Gate to the Upside Down, the day will have passed and you will be
feeling like a rock star, ready to go out again and break your promise.

10) Be A Virgin – Virgin mock-tails! The only 100%, absolute fool-proof way to avoid a
hangover; don’t drink alcohol at all. You don’t need to be drunk to have fun.
Some nights it’s cool to chill, take it easy on your liver and wallet, and be the designated
driver. We all have that friend that needs to be monitored so they don’t drunk-text their
ex. And the other friend that needs a spotter when they dance on the bar or table. You’ll
need your reflexes and wits about you.

There’s no real magic trick to alleviate a hangover, but keep practicing and you will discover the
best option for YOU to help relieve it and be able to enjoy your day to the fullest. The real cure
is time and the good news: you will live to drink another day and this will all seem like a faded
memory. Or maybe that’s just the alcohol killing the brain cells…

Bonus Tip # 11) Be Shady – Don’t forget your Ray-Bans when you face the world. You’re

Bonus Tip # 12) Last Resort – Sometimes you won’t feel better until you get sick. If you’re at
this point, pull the trigger and let the Devil out of you.