Nightlife Etiquette: How To Kill It At The Club

Bhrigu Gandhi @TheLightVegas

"Nightlife has forced him to go out and network while valuing his friends and network."

We’ve all seen someone at the club looking fly as hell ,attracting everyone on the dance floor, and thought, “Damn, they are killin’ it.” ‘Professional partier’ might as well be a job description for people like this. You can get to that level too, by taking a few tips from some of PCN’s favorite nightclub promoters from all over the world.

Bhrigu Gandhi, based outside of Los Angeles, is a partner promoter at The Argyle in Hollywood as well as a VIP host promoter at Bootsy Bellows, 1 Oak LA, and Warwick. He also has networks in Orange County, San Diego, Las Vegas, Miami, and New York for table reservations and guest lists. Gandhi says that nightlife has forced him to go out and network while valuing his friends and network. “It has forced me to go out of my comfort zone and be able to be comfortable at the club completely sober,” he admits. 

Loop Mag: How does one get the ultimate VIP experience?

BG: For the ultimate VIP Experience, keep it small. Ultimately, it depends on which city you’re in and on the night, the artist…but on average you have to have money. If you’re with a group of guys or a group of girls you can link up with a VIP host and they can put you at a table for complimentary bottle service. If you’re a guy and you’re just trying to bring out your lady and you’re trying to ball on a budget, the best way to go about it is to DM a host and make sure you DM an established one, someone like myself, and what you wanna say is, ‘Hey Gandhi what can I do to join your table?’ I’m happy to take care of you. Essentially what you do is you work out an arrangement. Tip your VIP host at the venue. Trust me, he’ll give you a 10x return and experience. I know I do.

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Laura Sciuto by Matthew Fisher
Laura Sciuto by Matthew Fisher

Laura Sciuto, originally from Italy, is currently based in New York City where she has been promoting nightclubs for four years. She mainly works for the Tao Group and The Box, an edgy and yet classy venue offering burlesque shows, nude dancers, and freaky acts. Sciuto says her favorite part about being a promoter is meeting people constantly, understanding their needs, and trying to make them feel comfortable and have fun. She also admits that the easiest way to get into a club is through a promoter because the bouncer gives them priority and girls never have to pay. 

Loop Mag: If you want to kill it at the club, who should you go with? A big crew or one hot date, etc?

LS: Hot date? Nah. You are going to lose it. I never bring dates to the club and I discourage my guests to do so. The club atmosphere is freedom – you need to dance and enjoy it without thinking about what the other person could perceive about you. Although, I don’t refuse anyone, and everyone has to feel welcome to party with me!

Loop Mag: …what should you wear? 

LS: I’m one of the few women promoters working for a long time in New York and I can assure you that the best way to make your guests follow you is to always be on top of your clothes. The ideal nightclub attire should be dresses and heels for girls and not too casual for guys – no sneakers or ripped pants allowed. Of course, it depends on the nightclub, but the kind of service I provide requires a minimum effort for the people I host. People want to feel unique and party with the coolest crowd at the table. I remind everyone to be well dressed, on time and be ready for a great night.


Eden Smart by Jacques Ollivier
Eden Smart by Jacques Ollivier
Eden Smart by Jacques Ollivier
Eden Smart by Jacques Ollivier

Eden Smart from Brisbane, Australia is a senior promoter at one of Brisbane’s largest venues called The Met, featuring five bars and three levels, with more than enough dance floor space to party all night. Smart says her favorite part about being a promoter is seeing all of the different artists come through the club. Some of her favorite past shows include Skrillex, Steve Aoki and Chris Lake, and Fisher. “It’s super inspiring. I love music and DJing. I also love to see the guests from the club get to know us promoters and become our friends too. It’s like one big family,” she says.

Loop Mag: What should you be drinking at the club and how much of it should you be drinking?

ES: Vodka! Vodka is my go-to, but the promoters at the club also love to bond over some shots. ABC shots are a great way to kick start the night – drink as much as you want as long as you know your limits. 

Loop Mag: What is your advice on dancing at the club? How do you kill it on the dance floor?

ES: Honestly just feel the rhythm of the music and once you’re a few drinks deep it will just come to you. I love grooving out to house music because it’s more vibey and you don’t really need any specific dance moves at all. But if you wanna’ get more creative with your dancing, head over to an R&B floor/club and watch the experts break it down.

Loop Mag: Overall, what is your number one tip for killin’ it at the club? 

ES: Just have fun! Getting noticed was a way that I started getting more guests at the club and started doing better and better in my role. For example, get in the club photos every time you go and post them to your socials, check in at the club/post stories to Instagram and snapchat, introduce yourself to others that you’ll likely see again there – I find the smokers area is a great place to do this. And just always being around having a good time. People will notice you. 



DJ Kandy by Ti Ng
DJ Kandy by Ti Ng

Kevin Schuppel, AKA Kandy, originally from and currently based in Long Island, New York, is a full time music producer and DJ. He’s never been a party host or a promoter but says he took interest before he started producing his own music, which he has been doing for about 8 years now. Schuppel is currently on a LGBTQ+ music tour called ‘LOUD & PROUD’ (March – Oct 2019) stopping at various cities throughout the US. His number one tip for killin’ it at the club anywhere is to “just be you and be confident when you do it.” 

Loop Mag: What kind of connections are best to have to get into a club or to know about the best parties?

Social media is your best friend within the club scene. I’ve made almost all my connections through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. People want you to come to their parties. It’s really amazing to be able to collaborate via the internet and become friends with other producers. It’s even more amazing to meet them in real life at their events after doing so. 


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