OMB Peezy Describes His Ideal Night Out (Do’s and Don’ts For an Epic Evening)

OMB Peezy by Jhana Parits

"If somebody I’m with doesn't’ have fun, I'm gonna feel like the night wasn’t worth it.”

OMB Peezy is one of the hardest street rappers in the game right now. Hailing from Mobile, Alabama, the “Lay Down” MC has been rapping his entire life, recording his very first song at 12 years old. At the same time, he relocated to Sacramento, but makes it a point to keep his Southern roots at the forefront. Some of his favorite things include “money, guns, shit like that,” — which gives you an idea of his personality and character.

Before the music took off, Peezy was doing anything to get money. This included a lot of bargaining, “buying, selling, and trading” in his words. It was at 16 years old when he was rapping in high school and the positive feedback from his peers let him know it was time to commit full-time. At age 19, he released Lay Down, which brought his name from the underground into a new deal with 300 Entertainment.

In fact, the music video currently clocks in at over 9.8M views on Youtube alone. On the making of the hit, he states,

“I was real mad when I made that record. Real mad. I was in jail when I had wrote it. When I got out and recorded it, everybody was like ‘boy don’t put it out.’ I’m like ‘I’ma put it out, I ain’t trippin.’ Because I ain’t gon’ lie, I was talking about the stuff I didn’t want to deal with. But at the end of the day, it helped.”

Currently, Peezy moved to Atlanta, which stands only 4 hours away from his hometown. However, he’s self-aware that it’s not too healthy to stay down there for too long. Comparing the opposite coasts, he states, “It’s real different [in the south]. It’s slower, real slower. I don’t know how to explain it. California and the South real different, period. The people different, the attitude’s different.”

OMB Peezy by Jhana Parits

On a positive note, the new location gives him a new perspective and life experiences he’s able to relay through the music. Whichever studio he lands in, he gets a different vibe. The storytelling in his lyrics is directly influenced by things he sees on a daily basis. Music-wise, he just unleashed his latest mixtape titled Preacher To The Streets, dedicated to the hard times, the good times, the struggle, the come-up, and the success.

Speaking on the fan reception, Peezy states,

“I did a lot of different shit. I was singing. People are fucking with it. I think I opened up another door with things I can do with my voice. It really was easy [to pick up] for real, ‘cause I been around that all my life.”

One look at the tracklist and fans will quickly take note of the all-star features, including Lil Durk, G-Eazy, Sada Baby, T.I., Uzi, and a dream collab with Boosie Badazz.

“I had made Struggle with Cassius Jay, a producer from Atlanta. When I recorded the song, I directly knew I had to get Boosie on there. That meant a lot, I grew up to Boosie’s music. We remixed one of his old songs.”

Another standout record is No Keys featuring fellow Bay Area rapper, G-Eazy. “Both of us were in Atlanta at the same time,” he explains. “We was just in the studio chillin’. He asked me to play him what I was working on. When he heard that song, he made me take the second verse off so he could get on there.”

OMB Peezy by Jhana Parits

So what’s a normal day in the life of OMB Peezy? Actually, he’s got a routine for every single morning he wakes up.


“If I’m at home, I wake up around 2:30pm, then brush my teeth, wash my face. I might pray, thank God for waking me up. I smoke, smoke, smoke — get high as I can before I really get up out the room. This my real routine, every day I’m heading out. After I smoke, I put on my clothes. Then I stand outside the house and take a picture for Instagram, you gotta show the fans what you doing everyday.”

After that, he’s hitting the studio. Contrary to what people may think, he’s actually not the type if individual you’ll see stanning the club scene.


He states, “…I might go to the studio, get some girls in there to pump up the vibes. Gotta get a lot of weed. I take it back home around 5am, because I might do a session from 8pm to 4am. I don’t like doing short sessions.”

While he’s resistant to clubs specifically, he’s about the nightlife. Peezy can party, and most of the time, he’s not remembering the venues’ names.

“Shit I ain’t gon’ lie, I can drink drink,” he explains. “I wasn’t even no drinker like that, I just started doing that shit. I used to drink when I was 15, 16, 17, but I used to always throw up so I just stopped drinking. I just started drinking again when I was 21, it’s over with now though.”

OMB Peezy by Jhana Parits

In regards to liquor, he’s a fan of Hennessy.  He reveals the alcohol do not’s: “I don’t drink no clear, I don’t drink Patron. I don’t drink Moet. I don’t like wine. I don’t like the bubbly shit.”

But his real goal is to come out with his own liquor, which directly follows suit in his business venture starting his own weed strain.

If you’re trying to pregame with OMB Peezy, here’s the game plan.

“I smoke throughout the day, I don’t go a day without smoking. I feel like I could, but I ain’t gon’ be in a good mood. So far, I don’t do nothing but smoke. Put that on the record, OMB Peezy don’t do nothing but smoke weed. I might sip some lean nowadays, but I don’t do the hard drugs. If I go out, I gotta get drunk before I go in the club. Because if I don’t be drunk before I go in the club, when I walk in I’ma be watching everything. I’ma be on some ‘who’s this n*gga looking at?’ If I get drunk before the club, I’m not trippin’.”

Peezy’s ideal evening is simple: going out with his people. Everybody he’s with has to have fun. From personal experience, Peezy is a kid at heart. He states, “If somebody I’m with doesn’t’ have fun, I’m gonna feel like the night wasn’t worth it.”

When it comes to his squad, he makes it a point to let us know he only hangs with real n*ggas, something we can all relate to. In fact, OMB stands for “only my brothers.”

“I hang with real n*ggas, I don’t have with no fake n*ggas. Straight up, everybody around me a real n*gga. My brothers and shit, OMB. I fuck with a few n*ggas from my projects. My people come where I come from type shit.

As for advice on turning up, he gives us a few last words: “Don’t step on nobody’s shoes, keep you a tool, pay ya dues. Tonight, I’m going to topless pool party. [laughs] My people throwing a little razzle dazzle, I’m gonna pull up. Preacher To The Streets out now is the hardest album out!

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