PCN Voices

PCN Voices includes weekly columns brought to you by Loop Magazine’s staff writers. Here, we let our personalities loose and get down and dirty in our chronicles, revealing our dating faux pas, blurry nights out, and silliest stoner moments. Check out our various voices to see who you want to follow to restaurants and clubs, dine and drink with, and even listen to for beauty tips and tricks.

As a veteran red carpet and nightlife reporter and long-time fashion and lifestyle journalist, I’ve grown and evolved with Los Angeles and am here to speak to the over-thirty crowd. I like spending $200 on dinner, smoking quality sativa, blasting hip hop music, and anything that makes me look younger – from mood lighting to beauty products. Once a Hollywood club hopper, my nightlife taste now leans towards boujie restaurants that serve mezcal cocktails and have a solid bar scene or exclusive events with formal dress codes. I’m well-traveled, have an adoration for European music, worship fashion (though I don’t consider myself a taste-maker), go on way too many first dates, and sometimes think food is better when I’m stoned than it really is. So can you trust me to steer you through life in LA? I’ll let you decide.

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