Pick Your Pasta

Courtesy of Sparrow

Did somebody say pasta?

LA may not be particularly known for its Italian food, at least not in the rooted way of New York, but if you’re craving carbs for the refined palate, the city can certainly oblige. From fine dining to neighborhood hotspots, restaurants throughout Los Angeles offer pasta dishes in a range of flavors. Some of the worlds best chefs have settled in our sunny city to dish out the classics or create the latest innovations. 

Check out my favorites from the coast to the downtown skyrises:

Ospi Venice

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Recommendation: Spicy Ragatoni 

This creamy vodka sauce with a bite of red pepper and flavor of prosciutto is so good you may end up taking home a bottle – I did! It rivals Carbone, and – if we’re talking heavy weight championship – I’m honestly not sure who would take home the belt. 



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Recommendation: Chocolate Tagliatelle with Wild Boar Ragout All ‘Amarone

This is a once-and-a-lifetime pasta. Chef Antonio Mure pulled out all the stops on this one: true decadence and just the gaminess you’d want from a boar ragout. Plus, Barrique was built for romance, the setting is something to see. 

Jon & Vinny’s


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Recommendation: Radiatori

While the Spicy Fusilli seems to be a fan favorite (and a favorite of mine as well), this pesto dish is absolutely worth a try. In my opinion, pesto sauce can either be hit or miss, and by crafting a creamy texture and herbaceous taste, this rendition is a hands-down hit. 

Catch LA

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Recommendation: Mushroom Spaghetti 

Though Catch is focused on Asian flavors, nearly every table ends up with at least one serving of this rich dish. The deep umami coordinates with the rest the menu while giving luxury comfort food flavors. 

Il Pastaio

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Recommendation: Agnolotti 

The mushroom-stuffed green ravioli are nearly too big too bite, and the truffle fondue sauce is so delectable I’d sip it with a spoon. This is my personal LA favorite. No but really. . .order extra bread as you’ll find yourself mopping up this savory sauce.

La Scala

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Recommendation: Penne Alla Vodka 

The addition of dill in this dish puts a spin on a country-wide favorite. Not only does this venue provide those classic northern Italian vibes, nestled in Beverly Hills, it’s great for a third date or a post-shopping lunch. Order this sans dill if you you’re craving the traditional flavors. 

Laurel Hardware

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Recommendation: Dungeness Crab Orecchiette 

This menu is full of great plates for sharing, making the chic speakeasy a great choice for a first date. The orecchiette, punctuated by a white wine sauce I’d pour over almost anything, has a multitude of textures in addition to a deliciously haunting flavor profile. 



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Recommendation: Bone Marrow Agnolotti

Hear me out: braised beef cheeks, roasted bone marrow, and horseradish Barolo reduction. This dish was very much worthy of its highlight on the menu and the additional recommendation by our server.