PUMP: “Celebration Heaven, Darling”

Photo by Rachel Claire via Pexels

“If you’re looking to impress a loved one or got a special date – this is a spot to hit up.”

Want to be transported to a beautiful and magical garden for the night? Then PUMP is the perfect setting. This restaurant is located just around the corner from The Abbey, so you can hop over and get your dance on after a good meal.

I visited PUMP in March for round two of my birthday celebrations – this time, a dinner. And why wouldn’t I celebrate twice, especially since – thanks to Covid – I celebrated my 2020 bday with UberEats, big sigh. 

I was never really into reality shows, but then along came 2020, and my obsession with RHOBH began. Binging, I was introduced to Lisa Vanderpump, restauranteur and all-around entrepreneurial queen – she’s a real boss! In Season 4, viewers of the show were given a behind-the-scenes look at the making of PUMP, her latest restaurant venture. And when she celebrated her birthday with the ladies in the following season, and I thought that if I was ever in LA, I would make a reservation. Well, one year later, my hubby surprised me with this one – great pick on his part! 


On the way, we were running late due to. . . traffic [wink]. . . hey it’s a special night, ok! But we called ahead to let them know, and we were conveniently able to push the reservation out by half an hour. But when we got there, they were also behind and we had to wait around 10-15 minutes before we got seated. (Though I admit, the waiting sometimes adds to the feeling of superiority).

Our table turned out to be pretty, pretty, pretty good, (Larry David voice) especially when my husband noticed that none other than LVP herself was sitting behind me having dinner with her husband. What a coincidence! She was dressed in her signature pink, glammed up style. Ambience is definite fire here and will make you feel super special. They even have 100-year-old olive trees which were specially planted in the patio area. It’s an ultimate celebration spot, and I could totally see having an awesome girl’s night or brunch at PUMP. Lighting is dim, cozy, and very romantic – if you’re looking to impress a loved one or got a special date – this is a spot to hit up. Side note – it was March and not yet the standard warm LA weather, and well, then there’s me who gets cold at any temperature below 80. But rest assured, there are plenty of heaters to keep you toasty during the colder months.

After taking in the sights and LVP, we got straight to ordering from the Mediterranean inspired menu. My eyes went immediately to the Vanderpump Fish and Chips, and my husband got the Spicy Arrabbiata with Sausage. We settled on two Old Fashions and looked forward to the warmth of whisky. My husband enjoyed his dish, reporting that it wasn’t spicy at all, but the flavors were good. I also loved my choice. The fish was lightly battered, and the tartar sauce was delicious. The chips were nice and thick too – as true fish & chips should be. Not to mention, it had been a while since I had some decent ‘fush n chups’ – as we say in Kiwi-land (where I’m from). For celebrations like mine, there’s no free dessert, but I liked the Hot Brownie and ice cream – tasty and decadent, and they did bring it out with a sparkler to add some flare to my birthday evening. When it came to cocktails, the Old Fashions weren’t that flash (to be honest), and I preferred the simple Gin & Tonic that followed, which was served strong – just the way I like it!


Overall, it was a lovely celebration and beautiful atmosphere. Just reopening after COVID, the service was a little slow and drinks took a while, but I imagine they got back in the swing of things in no time. In true Vanderpump fashion, this is an extremely dog-friendly place and there were several other diners who had brought along their fur-babies for the evening – this is West Hollywood after all! I also managed to get a pic with the Queen herself – Lisa Vanderpump who was very sweet and posed with my puppy and completely made my night! As Lisa says, “The crown is heavy, darlings, so just leave it where it belongs!” and the crown truly belongs with her for creating such a chic and enchanting space. Fun times and great vibes ahead – make sure to book in advance through OpenTable.

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