Refy Beauty Brow Sculpt: Revolutionizing the Eyebrow Game

“Jess Hunt launched Refy Beauty’s Brow Sculpt and I bought mine that very day.”

Since 2007 when Keeping Up with the Kardashians first aired, I have been obsessed with full, beautiful eyebrows. Kim K and her thick Armenian brows quickly became something I idolized, despite being blonde. Then, Cara Delevingne hit the scene, and my blonde-hair-bushy-brow dreams were realized! Well, except that my eyebrows don’t grow the way Cara’s do. So, perhaps needless to say, I went through many (MANY) years of eyebrow failures, first using brown eyeshadow to shift my shade and then transitioning to pencils that were much too dark for my face. During the pandemic, with lots of extra Instagram scrolling time on my hands, I discovered the Australian model-turned-beauty-mogul, Jess Hunt, and Refy Beauty revolutionized my life.

I adore Jess for her shapely physique, her carefully curated Instagram grid, and her chic, simple style (she even made our Best of Coachella list!). But beyond her natural good looks, it’s her method for shaping her eyebrows that has become truly iconic. She has some abundant brows to work with (if only we could all be so lucky), and she brushes them up and out to maximize their fullness. This technique has become an LA staple, and you can get yours permanently set in this direction by what is now known as lamination. The Honey Pot Lounge and Asia Salon are favorites of celebs and locals alike, and influencers like Catherine McBroom have given lamination their stamp of approval. This, however, can cost $150 a session and last about a month. So, while I deeply desired this more permanent result, I found myself searching for a more sustainable solution.

Then, Jess Hunt launched Refy Beauty’s Brow Sculpt and I bought mine that very day. Though my brows are thinner and on the blonde side, this product worked an entire miracle. While it goes on white, the Brow Sculpt dries colorless and includes a dual brush for shaping and removing excess product. It applies gooey but hardens just firm enough to tame a wiry brow but natural enough to not look like you’ve applied a glob of product to finer hairs. With full make-up, I get the more-common eyebrow compliment. But barefaced (meaning, I have on eyebrows and mascara only) I am constantly asked if I’ve had my brows laminated! In response, I point them directly to the Refy Beauty Brow Sculpt. 

I feel like I’ve been along for Refy Beauty’s full ride (as a proud launch-day purchaser), and I must say, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a beauty brand grow at such rapid speed. This line – which can be purchased on their site, Sephora, and Amazon – boasts a face collection (from blush to bronzer), lip liners and glosses, and an array of applicators. Now, I must admit, I have yet to test their other products, but I’m planning to amend this asap. And if there’s any chance I can get my face to glow like Jess’, you better believe I’m in!

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