Spending the Day: A walkthrough of a day-long couples outing

Photography via Pexel

“It’s the perfect backdrop for that kiss we talked about, especially if you’re with someone who makes you blush.” 

Now that the weather is cooling off enough for us to venture outside while the Sun is still above the horizon, I am reminded of all the things there are to do in the city during the day. Theoretically, there are enough varied activities to plan a whole day for a romantic interest. Perhaps, if you’re really lucky, you may even get a kiss at the end of. I don’t know.. . . that’s just my speculation. But, if you wanted to do something like that, I have some ideas you could try (just don’t come crying to me if they don’t kiss you back).

We’ll start out in La Brea for brunch and mimosas at République. The French eatery has a Croque Madame to die for and a democratic first-come-first-serve seating policy. It’s perfect if you’re planning last minute and can’t book an impressive reservation anywhere else, but be sure to get here early if you don’t want to wait in line.

After a couple of mimosas and an amount of cheese that borders on being illegal, you can make your way to Los Angeles County Museum of Art, better known as LACMA. You’ll probably recognize it for the Instagram-worthy streetlight installation that was all the rage years ago (circa the release of the movie No Strings Attached), but a little-known fact about LACMA is that if you go inside the buildings next to the streetlights they actually have art in them that you can look at and admire. My favorite collection at the moment is their Modern Art collection, showcasing American and European art primarily from 1900-1960, and featuring a piece by my favorite painter, Jean Dubuffet.

Before moving on from LACMA, stop and have a glass of wine at the museum’s outdoor bar. If you trust me on that one, you’ll be ready to move on to something sweet next. My recommendation is MILK. With a location on Beverly – and another in Silver Lake – MILK serves gourmet ice cream like you wouldn’t believe. The Thai Tea Ice Cream Sandwich is my number-one sweet craving there. Made with a generous helping of ice cream and a perfect macaron, MILK’s sandwiches are too good to be true.

Once you’ve cooled off and are possibly even more full than before, I would suggest heading up to the Griffith Observatory and getting a good look at the Los Angeles grid in all of its glory. I always love getting there around sunset with a blanket and picnic supplies (wine and a charcuterie board). Seeing the sun go down past the western horizon while the city lights up for the night is something magical to witness. Sure, the observatory itself is fun to wander around inside, but the views of the city are the draw, and the people-watching can be just as good. It’s the perfect backdrop for that kiss we talked about, especially if you’re with someone who makes you blush.  

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