Style Guide For The Nightlife Elite With Hardy Vibert

"Let’s say Tuesday night, we typically do a pre-dinner at TAO around 9:30pm"

Asides from promoting clubs, Hardy Vibert fashion is one that does not go unnoticed. He states, “I’ve always had a thing for fashion forever. I always like to be well-dressed ‘ cause the European style is dressed up: suits, slacks, dress shoes, turtlenecks, dress shirts. Keep it real business-style.”

Hardy Vibert is not your average Hollywood promoter, he stays dressed and fitted at all times. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts but moving to California about six years ago, the 29-year-old has successfully established his name in the nightlife scene, something he claims wasn’t introduced to him until arriving on the West Coast.

He states, “I was just coming out here for school. My background is computer science and I had no intentions at all to do nightlife. The only reason why I started was because of the lack of people I knew out here. I was like ‘you know what, let me just try. Maybe I could network and make more friends.’”

It all began at Playhouse nightclub, when he began to frequent the popular venue with a few friends. Hardy ended up crossing paths with the two main guys/owners: Russian Rob and Igor Zag, the latter of which became his mentor. While the evenings started out just for kicks, it wasn’t until he met his girlfriend out at the club that it became real.

“My first girlfriend in California was actually German. At the moment, she was at Fullerton State. She came out and every weekend, she was bringing out her friends. At one point, it ended up being me and 20 German girls going to Playhouse. [laughs] Actually one of the main type of people I bring out every night is European. I typically bring out German and Swedish crowds, typically Swedish nowadays.”

He jokes, “I have so many girls all around Europe, it’s insane.”

Hardy Vibert @Banfy

Currently, Hardy is under contract at Warwick nightclub, hosting Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays. In addition, he has a standing contract with TAO who controls Avenue nightclub, where he hosts Tuesday nights. As for Thursdays, he’s your go-to to get shit crackin’ at the Highlight Room.

So what’s a typical night look like? He explains,

“I don’t want to keep it too basic, but typically a pre-dinner. Let’s say Tuesday night, we typically do a pre-dinner at TAO around 9:30pm. It would be me and about 8 girls. Right after dinner, we go to Avenue nightclub until around 2am, then we either go to an afterparty in Hollywood Hills or call it a night.”

Aside from promoting clubs, Hardy Vibert’s fashion is one that does not go unnoticed. He states, “I’ve always had a thing for fashion forever. I always like well-dressed ‘cause the European style is dress up: suits, slacks, dress shoes, turtlenecks, dress shirts. Keep it real business-style.”

Always having a knack for fashion and style since he can remember, it leaks through his every day life. His biggest inspiration actually comes from a man named Rowan Row. “He has a massive following. The guy actually follows nobody. His content is absolutely amazing. Typically I go on his Instagram for some inspiration. It’s pretty basic to be honest.”

His favorite places to shop (as well as Rowan’s) is Zara, H&M, and ASOS, which he describes as a massive European brand.

“I love their attires, absolutely amazing. ASOS’ Instagram page also, I get most of my inspiration from them. They put up amazing content and their clothes are affordable. It’s not too expensive so anybody could honestly run like fashion. It’s not Balenciaga or Gucci or anything like that, it’s affordable wear at the end of the day.”

Hardy Vibert @Banfy

If you’re struggling to figure out your OOTN, Hardy lays down what his clientele is usually rocking — which varies by nightclub.

“Most of my clients are typical business guys at the end of the day, so they’re wearing suits just like me,” he explains. “Then you have some typical clients who just like wearing hoodies and hats, which is totally fine as well. I mean, if you’re spending $5K in the nightclub, they typically don’t care what you wear. [laughs]”

Thinking back on his days at Playhouse, he worked more closely with artists who usually rocked the high-end brands. For his own pleasure, Hardy shops twice or three times a month, while looking online for different fashion inspiration. This includes scrolling through his IG feed to see what the influencers are wearing.

What’s Hardy wearing himself? It depends on the evening.

“On a Tuesday night, I usually wear casual wear at Warwick. We’re talking t-shirt, jean jacket, a nice top hat. Really casual wear. But closer toward the weekend when I have more of my high end clients come out, that’s when I put on a nice suit. I wear a nice skinny slim suit, a pair of nice shades, nice dress shoes and just really nice fit. When I do high-end dinners with clients, I always dress up at the end of the day. I have to. I try to.”

The determining factor is usually the pre-dinner, which gives him more motivation to dress up. Regardless, you can oftentimes find him fitted in suit attire.

Headed to the club? Here are some tips, taking into account everyone’s individuality and taste.

“Always be well dressed. If you’re not familiar with the venue, always be well-dressed. A blazer and a dress shirt can take you really far. If you’re already very familiar with the venue and you’ve been there many many times, then by all means wear something more relaxed. Some jeans or maybe sneakers, but always be well-dressed. Always always always to new patrons, I would always recommend dress up. A blazer and a dress shirt will take you very far.”

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