Styled by Kat Gosik

Kat Gosik

Kat Gosik’s client list reads like a who’s who of every industry

For celebrities in the era of social media, every venue is a fashion show: the walk into the stadium before a big game, a trip to the airport, breakfast at Urth Café, or a shopping trip on Rodeo. When even athleisure must be high fashion, everyday wear should be left to the experts. Hence, the rise of the celebrity stylist. While styling has always been an essential occupation in the fashion and editorial world, this once behind-the-scenes gig now harbors its own sense of stardom. Top stylists have followings that rival their clients and place them numerically above many self-proclaimed ‘influencers.’ And if you love fashion, are keyed into new trends, or follow the many accounts that promote the fits of actors, athletes, and artists outside of ‘the office’ you’ll surely agree that it is, in fact, the stylist themselves who determine what’s cool. 

So, what if you can’t afford your own personal stylist but crave some professional advice? Well, Loop’s new Styled By series brings in the best of the industry to assemble nightlife looks just for you. Stick around as the seasons change to see the style evolution and snag your favorite items.

Kat Gosik and Christine Quinn

Kat Gosik’s client list reads like a who’s who of every industry, from Tyrann Mathieu to Wale to Lele Pons. She even had Sydney Sweeney looking sexier than ever in Agent Provocateur leopard print lingerie and with wet hair in Chanel swim. These days, Kat works intimately with Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn. Together, the pair have been checking off dreams, including a Cosmopolitan cover, and “are best friends,” even staying in the same hotel room at times where they’re “up all night laughing.” Recently, Christine was asked to walk in the Balenciaga Couture runway show, and upon receiving the request via email, the duo cried with joy. “Even Kim Kardashian says that ‘being a reality star, fashion brands don’t take you seriously,’ and the fact that Balenciaga saw Christine’s potential and chose to invest in her at an early stage is so amazing,” Kat remarked, humbly recognizing the credit this paid to her impact as a stylist as well. While putting fits together, Kat always remembers that “fashion should be fun.” Whether its baby pink fur, belly-baring outfits, or bright hues, Kat’s creative, playful side is brought to life in Christine’s style. 

Kat describes her own look as “girly tomboy,” loves oversized pieces, and noted that “you don’t have to show skin to be sexy.” Reminiscing on the plethora of gifted clothing she receives as a part of her occupation, she giggled and joked, “my personal style is whatever my clients don’t want to wear.” An LA local, you may find Kat at Sunset Tower or Craig’s, and on the rare occasion where a dancefloor is desired, she may make an appearance at Hyde Sunset. When it comes to dressing for a night out, she builds an outfit around a yet-unworn item and makes sure to match the dress code for the occasion, be it dinner, drinks, or other. Though Kat loves color during daytime, she leans into the deeper shades after dark. An all-black look is her go to, specifically a fitted turtle neck and leggings with heels or boots, giving Kim K Balenciaga catsuit vibes. 

Kat channeled her own nightlife style to assemble two looks for Loop:

Look 1

Look 2