The Best Social Media Reactions To Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s Hard Launch

She’s in her athlete era…

Usher announced over the weekend that he would be headlining the Super Bowl halftime show, but somehow that is not the biggest football related news from this weekend. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce hard launching their relationship was!

The Eras Tour singer accompanied the Kansas City Chiefs tight end to his game last night, and then sat in a stadium box with no other than his mother! Throughout the night, Swift was seen enthusiastically cheering and Kelce looking bashfully up in her direction. At the end of the night, they left in the NFL player’s red convertible, looking like a scene out of the movie. 

Fans applauded Kelce’s plan and dedication to swoon swift. In July, Kelce attended Swift’s Eras Tour concert at Arrowhead Stadium. A tradition of this tour is to exchange friendship bracelets with other fans, but Kelce came with one specifically for the pop sensation herself. This particular bracelet had his number on it, and he made media headlines after expressing his disappointment in not being able to give it to her. 

However, the failed friendship bracelet obviously did not stop these two, and all of social media is reacting to it. From TikToks to Twitter, here are some of the best social media reactions to the newest it couple. 

“He’s Just Giving Like ‘Teehee'”

This TikTok user made a video commenting on Kelce’s behavior last night, explaining that Kelce’s behavior is drastically different. “I’ve been watching Travis Kelce play football on a weekly basis for years now. He is acting so shy,” the TikToker starts. “Normally he is a dickhead, he acts like a massive dickhead but he’s our dickhead and we love him […] but right now he is giving just teehee.” 


A Little Twist on “You Belong With Me”

I mean Taylor’s songs are about her life, and they can become relevant again.


 No Shade, But Shade

I do want to argue that Taylor Lautner does not apply to this.

 The NFL TikTok Bio

Taylor Swift has left her mark on the NFL social media. Insecure men across the country are kicking and screaming right now. 


Everyone’s Coming For His TeeHee Behavior

These spot the difference games are getting harder and harder 

One Way Or Another 

Make that meet and greet happen, bestie

Getting Mahomes involved

Not the quarterback’s post game interview not even being about him…

A Historic Moment

This will go down in history books. She’s the closest thing we have to American royalty.

A Supportive Boyfriend

Nothing’s a coincidence with her. We wouldn’t be surprised if she chose the outfit herself. Fun fact: the set is ACTUALLY called the 1989 Paint Set from KidSuper.

A Man With a Plan

What if we told you he was a mastermind…

 He Knows Her Worth

Who’s Joe Alwyn?

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