Inside The Bright World & Vibrant Beats Of DJ Bateeza

Think pink…..

In a stark contrast to so many dark and moody DJs, Bateeza is a refreshing bright light on the L.A. nightlife scene.

Hailing originally from the Midwest, the pink-haired powerhouse has been DJing for more than a decade and has amassed a huge fan following, spinning for colorful crowds everywhere from Southern California’s hottest clubs to star-studded Hollywood events.

And while her neon mane may catch your attention, it’s her vibrant sound and infectious positive energy that will keep it.

We recently caught up with Bateeza to chat about her signature style, navigating the industry as a female DJ, sharing the decks with a “Fast & Furious” star and how she channels her inner Elle Woods on a daily basis.

Check out our exclusive interview below.

LM: Take us back to your origin story!

B: I’m a Midwest girl and grew up in Greenwood, Indiana. I started vocal lessons at a young age, which led me to pursue Vocal Performance and Music Business in college. Singing was a huge part of my life and my passion for music eventually led me to Djing. My original DJ name was my full name, DJ Jessica Bantista. This later evolved into Bateeza.

What do you remember about your first experience behind the decks as a DJ. What emotions did you feel?

My first experience was over 11 years ago at a pool event in Miami. After that first gig, I knew that I wanted to pursue this career for a very long time. It was the most comfortable and authentic I had ever felt in front of people.

Describe your personal sound, what moves you?

My favorite genres to spin are 90’s/2000’s hip hop and also house music. I am an open format DJ and play various genres for all different types of lounges, bars, clubs, parties and events. What moves me the most is capturing the crowd with the music I’m playing.

Do you have any pre-set rituals?

The only consistent pre-set ritual I’ve had for the past 11 years is, drinking my glass of red wine before I DJ. I love red wine.

Tell us about your signature hot pink style. When did you first dye your hair? When did the color evolve from look into your brand?

It’s crazy because I grew up with two brothers and I despised the color pink as a child. This all changed when I began DJing. I wanted to do something different with my hair and started with dying only the bottom of my hair pink. This eventually led to me dying all of my hair pink and I even had pink eyelash extensions at one point. Over time, I started to turn pink into my brand. Everything became pink in my life including my clothes, headphones, DJ controller and now my Tesla is my signature pink color.

So many DJs have a dark, moody and serious vibe. And you are so bright and positive. How do you keep that energy up and stay true to yourself?

I think I keep that energy up because it is genuinely who I am. I get to do what I love as a career and that is what truly makes me happy. I’m channeling my inner Elle Woods on a daily basis.

Photo by Georgina Vaughan

What’s the biggest misconception about DJs in L.A.?

There was a female DJ from another city that told me she thought most female DJs in L.A. were hired solely based on looks. I felt like that was false because I know so many female DJs in L.A. that are not only beautiful, but also work extremely hard and are skilled at their craft. L.A. also has such a large network of DJs and I’ve never experienced anything other than camaraderie and support from all of these DJs, whether male or female.

You recently played some VIP  events in promotion of the new film in the”Fast & Furious” franchise How cool was that experience? 

The “Fast & Furious” events were beyond amazing and an experience I’ll never forget. Michelle Rodriguez DJs and she hopped on the decks for a bit at the “Fast X” and Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project Event. She is honestly the nicest and coolest person. I was beyond thrilled to DJ alongside her and get to know her.

As a female DJ, what have been some of the biggest challenges in making your mark on the industry?

The biggest challenge was proving that I could do this job just as well or better than some of the guys. It took some time to prove myself, but I knew I could eventually get there. I take a lot of pride in my professionalism and that was something I wanted every venue and client to see in me.

What keeps you grounded amid the chaos of the nightlife world?

I think what keeps me grounded is my drive to be successful and become the best version of myself. I’m extremely focused and that’s what keeps me on track.

When you aren’t on the decks, what else are you passionate about?

My second passion is fitness. I love weight training and train in the gym four to five days a week, if my schedule allows it. The gym is definitely my therapy. If I feel great physically, I also feel great mentally. Also, I enjoy spending quality time with my boyfriend, Joe and our 4 pound chihuahua, Lily.


What advice would you give to young girls or women looking to break into the DJ world one day?

My first advice would be to find a community of DJs to network with and become friends with. It’s so important to connect with your peers. There are so many people that I’ve learned from and continue to learn from within the DJ community. Also, keep on pursuing your dreams, even when it may become discouraging. The failures are just as important as the success.

When you aren’t performing, where are some places you like to go in L.A. to see live DJ sets?

I wish I had more free time because there are so many talented friends of mine that I’d like to go watch and support. I’ve played at Terra Cotta in K-town and they have consistent skilled DJ’s playing every weekend. Also, the festival Yer Not Down, which is organized by my friend, DJ Jon B, has the best DJ’s and vibes.

What’s up next for Bateeza?

I was producing more consistently a few years ago and now I’m ready to get back into producing music again.

Where can fans check you out?

Fans can check me out on instagram, @bateeza. I post my DJ schedule every month on instagram, so my friends know where to find me. Also, my website is