THIS SUNDAY: Join the Insecure Themed Scavenger Hunt in South LA

Photography via Pexel

“And yes, there is a grand prize. . .”

I ran into Issa Rae at Red Rooster in New York City. I was walking out of the downstairs speakeasy and she was heading in with two friends. It was 2016, Season 1 of Insecure had recently concluded on HBO, and I had been spending an absurd amount of time trying to freestyle in front of my bathroom mirror (I was horrible, but I feel like I probably don’t need to add in that disclaimer). Stunned, I stopped, and we made eye contact. I mouthed the words ‘I love you,’ and she mouthed ‘Thank you’ in return. Besides the fact that she was breathtakingly gorgeous (like all the beauty that you see on TV isn’t even half of the real life impact), it was magic to actually run into this person – this writer – who I absolutely idolized. It felt surreal that I got to express my overwhelming gratitude, even if it was merely a fan-girl whisper that’d be swiftly forgotten.

Insecure speaks to a generation and culture of people, represents all of the raw realness, shares an interiority previously masked or hidden, and – without taking away from any of the deep truths or unique messages – makes it fucking funny as hell. Amidst the pandemic and coinciding emotional turmoil, Season 4 of Issa’s hit show became a solace for many, an escape from our real lives while still tackling real issues like mental health or unplanned pregnancy. Currently, fans like me are living in the joy of the final season while not-so-secretly dreading the end of this cherished series and also seeking out ways to immerse ourselves further.

Well, Los Angeles, the opportunity for immersion is here! This Sunday, December 5th all Angelinos have the opportunity to participate in an Insecure themed scavenger hunt brought to us by Raedio! By simply texting ‘Looking’ to Raedio’s Community number (310.356.9895) you can join the fun. Participating fans will receive thematic riddles via text which will unlock scavenger hunt locations and prizes around South LA. Along your tour of small businesses which each play an essential role in the series, you can tune in to a soundtrack produced by Raedio, We Stay Looking Podcast co-produced by Raedio and Tenderfoot TV, and Insecure Interludes produced by HBOMax in conjunction with Pineapple Street Studios and Raedio. I mean, you honestly can’t get closer to the cast without joining the show itself!

And yes, there is a grand prize. Lucky scavengers will have the chance to win round-trip flights, a hotel stay, and tickets to experience a special Raedio curated weekend in DC in March, 2022. What a fun and fruitful way to spend your Sunday! Just as the show did, this activity will revitalize your love of South LA, remind you of the iconic staples, ensure a few solid laughs, and leave you feeling like you’ve won (quite literally). It may be winter, but the forecast is 75 and sunny, so let’s celebrate our city by hitting the streets and elongating the final moments of a show that has shaped our lives and outlooks. And, if you make it Randy’s, pick up a donut for me!

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