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No Vacancy Photo by Andy Keilen

Want to experience the old Hollywood scene speakeasy style? Then No Vacancy is the place to be

I absolutely love speakeasies; they give such a sleek and cool vibe. From the mysterious entrances to the old fashioned and detailed décor. Each one has their own personality and I always try to visit one in every new city I go to.

I first visited No Vacancy on a trip I made to LA before officially moving here. My husband and I decided to create a single-night speakeasy tour and No Vacancy was one of the five locations on our list, and it totally blew me away. The whole experience, from the scene of an old Hollywood hotel with a very interesting entrance (I won’t ruin the surprise for those who have yet to visit) to the trapeze acts and onstage burlesque shows and live music, this place has everything we could want from a 20s era throwback. To top it off, the bar created bespoke drinks, which really hit the mark. 

I visited again recently, but this time with a reservation for bottle service. I watched giddily as my group of friends stood awestruck at the entrance. But to my dismay, gone were the trapeze acts and onstage performances. As it turns out, the pandemic and related regulations seem to have put a hold on the performances. I’m really hoping this will all make a comeback once things finally get back to normal, as this is what really sets No Vacancy apart from other speakeasies.

Even without the extras, we all totally enjoyed the night. It was like a big house party and with VIP service at our own table. This place is a great go-to for out-of-towners, and I’d definitely continue to bring any visitors here since the experience is unlike any other – I mean hello, we are in LA so it’s good to have a place which provides that ‘Once Upon a time in Hollywood’ vibe.

A few tips for your visit. If you’re coming in a group, its $500 for bottle service plus automatic gratuity of $100, you need to make a reservation beforehand as well. You get to skip the super long line and you have your own table and mixers for drinks. There are multiple seating sections both inside and out – but the outdoor patio is my favorite, with the string lights, cozy ambiance, and a cute outdoor bar. 

If you’re going the non-bottle service route, then you better be on the list or get here early because, as I mentioned, it’s a hotspot and the line is really long – before 10PM should work if you want to be safe. And do keep in mind that if you do get here late without a reservation, it’s hard getting a seat anywhere – which could be okay. . . like, if you want to stand and show off a nightlife outfit!

Do not think of driving to No Vacancy – uber, uber, uber! Yes, there’s parking for $30, but the lot is pretty small, so the chances of settling it comfortably are slim.

Overall, this is a great place for a fab night with friends or a cute date night spot that’s sure to impress – and now you know the tips and tricks for enjoying fully! Let me underscore: if you’ve attended before, make sure to allow your guests to enjoy the special entrance for themselves. No one likes spoilers!

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