Watson’s Bay Beach Club: Iconic Sydney Sunset Views

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“Working in the city was great and there was always so much to do, but sometimes you just want to escape the city life, relax, and take in the sights. . .”

Sydney is one of the best cities I have lived in, and even though I love Los Angeles, I do crave my Sydneysider lifestyle from time to time. My hubby and I stayed in Pyrmont, right beside Sydney CBD, and each day for work, I’d walk 5 minutes from my place across the Pyrmont Bridge overlooking the Sydney Harbor to connect to the city. That view is one I truly miss. The summers were extremely hot, probably even more intense heat than here in LA, and I must admit that on those days, I’d wish that I was traveling by car, only because I’d basically needed another shower by the time you reach work. Sydney isn’t really a driving city. I mean we did have a car, but it was mostly for long drives or if we did some lazy takeaways. Public transport is great, but people mostly just walked everywhere. So, as you can imagine, everyone is super fit and healthy; beach bodies and abs galore! In other words, much more pressure to keep up on my fitness. But putting that aside, it was an awesome experience and I miss my family and friends there and all the spots we used to hit up, especially one of my faves – the Watson’s Bay Beach Club.

Working in the city was great and there was always so much to do, but sometimes you just want to escape the city life, relax, and take in the sights – from afar (especially creating enough separation that my work building became a blur in the city skyline). Watson’s Bay is the perfect location for doing exactly that. My friends and I would walk to the Pyrmont Bay pier and catch the ferry on a Saturday afternoon, enjoying glorious views of the Sydney Harbor and perfect weather with a slight breeze, passing by Barangaroo and under the famous Sydney Harbor Bridge – the best scenes for the most perfect photos. We’d get off at Circular Quay – which is the main transport hub for most people, catch up with our mates, and take the ferry to Watson’s Bay.

From Circular Quay to Watson’s Bay there’s a beautiful backdrop of the Sydney Opera House, and there is no shortage of harbor views. Sure, you can take a car – if you want to be stuck in traffic, and don’t get me started on trying to find parking. The ferry is certainly the most ideal way to go.

You can see the view of the Watson’s Beach Club, situated in the Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel as the ferry comes in, and it is always going off! It’s one of the best terrace and rooftop spots located in an  iconic Sydney beach, chic and nautical décor throughout with lots of beachy umbrellas. The beer and wine game is strong, especially since you have some of the best Aussie and Kiwi wines to choose from. Or if you’re like me, grab a carafe ($35) for your crew and later chill out with some seaside cocktails ($18). We always tried to time our visit an hour or so before sunset so you can see the beautiful skies while sipping on cocktails over fresh seafood platters and European cuisine. It’s truly the perfect beach life scene.

On the weekends there are DJs lined up and the atmosphere is lively, so prepare for a bit of a wait if you don’t have a booking, not just for a seat but your drinks too. Still, once you’re in, you are set, and the scenery alone will make up for any delays. As you can imagine given the views, you will certainly see some newlyweds taking some gorgeous shots on the sandy beachside.

Speaking of. . . if you’re engaged, this is the perfect destination wedding location, and hello there’s a 32-room hotel available to book, too!

This was one of our favorite locations to take out-of-towners and overseas visitors; they were always blown away – and you will be too. So, sit back and take some pics for the gram, or dance it up on the weekends or at one of their many events throughout the year.

Before you head back, there are many walks and activities you can do as well. You can take a 15-minute stroll up north to Lady Bay Beach, where bathers/swimmers/cossies or togs, as I prefer to call them (local slang for swimsuit), is optional. Or go on a bit further to Hornby Lighthouse. Or if you’re hoping that Watson’s Beach Club is only your first stop of the night, you can spend the early evening there watching the sunset like we used to do and catch the ferry back to the city and hit up the clubs and lounges – Sydney has some awesome nightlife venues and you’re bound to have an unforgettable night.

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