24Hrs Explains Why Poppy Is His Favorite Venue In Los Angeles


24hrs sophomore album World On Fire, with standout features from label mates Tyo, Salma, and even DMX.

24Hrs is a lot of things, but a recording artist is at the very top. If you’ve heard his hit singles “What You Like” featuring Wiz Khalifa or more recently “Back Out” featuring Dom Kennedy and Ty Dolla $ign, you already know the vibes and energy he brings. Not only is he a force to reckon with in the R&B game, but he’s in his own lane with his own unique sound and style.

It was in 2011 when he began his rap career formerly known as Royce Rizzy, and real name Robert Davis has been climbing ever since. Blood brother to Madeintyo, the two have been consistently pushing their Private Records imprint, with the first lady his own wife Salma Slims. Most recently, he unleashed his sophomore album World On Fire, with standout features from label mates Tyo, Salma, and even DMX.

When asked to describe himself, Twenty simply states, “to sum it up, I’m just a great person overall.” As far as the new project, he wants new fans to fall in love with his music and prior fans “to see the growth and how much I’ve developed and changed up.”

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24Hrs describes the project as “its own world and own vibe,” which is exactly what the rest of his music exudes. If there’s one thing he can guarantee, it’s the turn up. Twenty’s relationships and connections on the West Coast alone yields some of music’s hottest bangers. Speaking of, his pre-game playlist depends on the day.

If we’re turnt up, then we’re turnt up. If it’s my show, maybe a lot of R&B stuff. If it’s before the club, maybe Young Dolph.” When asked what his favorite song off Dolph and Key Glock’s recent project Dum & Dummer, he states, “I don’t even know man, it went crazy. I know my brother dropped a song with Key Glock that I really like. MadeinTYO, Key Glock and Tay Money: ‘STOP CALLING.

No matter what, Twenty keeps it in the family. In fact, his favorite spot to frequent in Los Angeles is Poppy on La Cienega. He explains, “Poppy’s my favorite because we had the most memories there. Me and Tokyo have went to Poppy so many nights. Man, Poppy’s our spot like ‘fuck it, let’s go to Poppy.’ We’ll go for free, fuck it.”

As far as his greatest memory, it was his “Back Out” single release party which attracted the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Ty$… “everybody came. It was up.” On top of “Back Out” his favorite song to perform in the club, describing it as “too lit,” “What You Like” comes as a close second.

Twenty’s pre-game rituals include smoking, praying, and getting fly. Loop Magazine caught up with him at his World On Fire release party at a beautiful mansion in the Hollywood Hills, as he sipped from a cup of Cognac and Coke. His outfit consisted of Ksubi denim from head to toe, a Von Dutch shirt, a Von Dutch hat, and some Jordans.

He states, “I always wear Jordans. I dress myself. I feel like a stylist is like when you pack your own lunch. If you let someone pack your lunch, they know more than you about your food. So I like doing it myself.”

When asked if Salma had a stylist, he answers, “For certain photoshoots, they might call a stylist in, but she likes to dress like I like to dress.” When it comes to her favorite song on the project, it has to be the song she’s featured on: “Moonlight.” But beyond the nightlight and music industry functions, he prefers alone time with Salma directly.

Speaking on his ideal date night with his wifey, he states, “Anything where we could be by ourselves. When we can have each other’s undivided attention: no phones, no nothing. We could watch movies, cook together, etc. Whatever we could just do together without social media and homies being around because you feel together for real.”

Beyond the new music, 24Hrs recently took an executive role as A&R at Rostrum Records, best known for jumpstarting the careers of Wiz and Mac Miller. He states, “Shout out to Rostrum, shout out to Benjy the CEO over there. He really believed in me and I believe in him. I’m about to take Rostrom to the next level. They’ve already been part of the culture so strong with Mac Miller and Wiz but now in this generation, me and Private Club got the culture for real. They’re 100% behind us and we’re 100% behind them, whatever they’re doing.”

As far as goals, Twenty just wants “to continue to strive and step to the next level. But at the same time, to teach a lot of the younger artists mistakes that I’ve made so they don’t have to go through them.”

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