Salma Slims Talks 2 A.M Chronicles On PCN Music Video Series

“I make music that people can vibe to in their room if they just chillin with bae”

We caught up with Private Club Records very own first lady Salma Slims after she dropped her single “Money Bags”. In this installment of 2 A.M Chronicles the rapper explained to PCN how she rolls deep with the squad to the club “When I’m in the club, I mainly have my shades on but I like to see how people are reacting to my song”she mentioned. Salma Slims also talks about saying goodbye to the late night text messages and swerving thirsty boys “dudes always tryna to talk to me but I just gotta curve em and swerve em” Salma Slims described.  

Check out full episode above for more.

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