6 Stylists to follow for Nightlife Style Inspiration​

When Friday night hits, we tend to get a little wild streak and want to paint the town red, or honestly, whatever color pleases us and the mood we’re in. Yet the one question looms over us all, and we ask ourselves, our friends and quite honestly even Siri, “What should I wear tonight?”

It’s the most simple yet complicated question for anyone who is dying to express themselves through their wardrobe. There are some people in this world who have a knack for always being on point. “How do they do it,” you ask? Well, we’re here to share with you a few ideas from some extremely notable fashion gurus that have, what some might call,  “the eye.” And just maybe, you can pick up a few tips along the way as you get ready to own your next night out.

Ugo Mozie
Ugo Mozie https://www.facebook.com/pg/Ugo-Mozie

#1 Chief Ugo Mozie

It’s rare you’ll come across style such as that of stylist and activist Ugo Mozie.  With perfect style for a night out on the town, Mozie knows just how to show off his Nigerian roots and create a very high class, exotic, vibrant and upbeat feel for each of his looks. At the young age of 12, after moving from Houston to LA, Mozie knew he had a style that set him apart. So he decided to celebrate it, and we’re glad he did! Today he is one of the most commemorated stylist in the game yet never forgets where he came from. Pairing vibrant colors, prints and even styles that are reminiscent of his homeland, with sleek leather pants and jackets to go,  Mozie shows us how to be ourselves with perfect balance. You start to realize that his look is not just a style, it’s an experience! Great advice for anyone interested in not only showing off their world, but bringing others into it as they own the night. This will make for the perfect evening of empowerment! So go ahead! Be proud! While understanding that everything is about balance. Know how to be flashy, proud and subtle all at once as you hit the club in style, grace and a dash of class.


Stylist: Miska Sykora @miskasykora Photographer: James Wolfe @jamesxwolfe HMAU: Bruce Tyndall @brucetyndall
Stylist: Miska Sykora @miskasykora Photographer: James Wolfe @jamesxwolfe HMAU: Bruce Tyndall @brucetyndall

#2 Miska Sykora

Creative director and stylist Miska Sykora is next in line as one of our picks for the perfect go-to stylist to collect great ideas for what to wear on a night out. Miska knows how to show just enough skin in all the best ways, with class and sophistication. Whether it’s a sexy pair of cut off shorts, rocking the perfect simple yet classic mini dress for the night, or, some thigh high boots to get you in the mood, this young lady has her own way of doing things. Ready for a sexy night out on Melrose Avenue? Follow her lead! Miska knows how to make an outfit scream “sexy date night,” all the way to hitting the club without any need of a wardrobe change. As she takes some of the most basic wardrobe staples, she shows us how to rock them out while complimenting some of the body’s greatest assets. With a knack for showing that a little bit definitely goes a long way, we can all learn to agree that it’s not always the most flashy outfits that win the night! Sometimes it’s working it with exactly what the good lord gave you! So when you’re getting ready tonight, don’t be afraid to take this style tip from Miska’s closet!

Stayfly Thrash
Stayfly Thrash www.facebook.com/pg/stayflythrash

#3 The Sartorial Rockstar (Stayfly Thrash)

Dapper, sophisticated, forward, and original. These are all words that can sum up the stylings of Stayfly Thrash, celebrity barber and fashion stylist. With a style that only he himself can create, Stayfly Thrash is able to give inspiration on a whole other level. As owner of Thrash’s Stylehouse, a menswear Fashion Rental House located in Downtown LA, when it comes to thinking outside the box for your next turn to hit the club, Thrash shows us not to be afraid to draw outside the lines while using all the colors in the crayon box! Stayfly Thrash teaches us how to take dapper and sophistication to a very artistic level that will be sure to keep heads turning the entire night. His style is bold and colorful as he takes the classic suit, with prints and color-pop all the way down to his shoes. From flannel print trench coats and rainbow colored button ups, to pink shoes and many more, it would be impossible to grow bored when taking style tips from this gentleman. With a look that is always interesting, you’ll be sure to literally steal the spotlight all night.


Sonia Young @soniaYoungStyle
Sonia Young @soniayoungstyle

#4 Sonia Young

Ready to go out tonight and let it all hang out in the best kind of way? Allow us to introduce to you stylist, Sonia Young. With a style that’s fun, funky upbeat and  sexy, male or female, a style tip from Sonia’s closet will never leave you boring or predictable. Known as stylist for celebrities such as Paris Jackson, Chloe Bennet, and Colton Hayes, Sonia knows just how to take and elevate an outfit to it’s next level. With wild prints and colorful clothing, she shows us how to never be afraid to let our wild side show. Whether she’s pairing a printed blouse with some spunky bell-bottom jeans, or a full on printed gown that screams Fashion Week, Young knows exactly how to make it fall in line oh so harmoniously. She teaches us how to be bold and do it unapologetically. Yet it’s not just the fact that she’s our print queen! She also shows us how to work with bright colors and be regal, flirty and sexy all at once; whether you’re rocking a mini dress or an elegant gown she makes it exciting. So don’t be afraid to peek into her closet for some style tips. She’s teaching us all how take ourselves off “safety,” and walk the line.

Instagram: @soniayoungstyle


#5 Madison Guest

Bi-costal Celebrity Fashion Stylist Madison Guest, comes in as our next stylist that we feel knows just how to help you slay the streets of LA. Her style is what some may call the epitome of womanhood in all its fierceness. Sleek, glitzy, feminine, refined and edgy, Madison creates looks that will cause them to literally shut down the club for you! No, really. From a variety of minnie dresses and skirts all the way down to a sophisticated gown, and even edgy street wear, Madison will help you remember how fun and how good it is to be a woman! Her style shouts the reminder, that the classics never die. She also shows us just how to reinvent our basics  while keeping it modernized and trendy. Even when it comes to incorporating the recurring neon trend that’s back in our lives again! Yes! It seems the 80s are back and Madison knows just how to do it! Bored with your style choices? Madison will show you how to spice it up. So don’t give up on your wardrobe just yet! There’s hope! You’ll be out tonight thanking this woman for helping you realize that what you needed was right there hanging in your closet all along. So don’t shy away! Go ahead and reinvent your wardrobe tonight! By the looks of Madison and many of her clients, works like a charm!

Instagram: @madisonguest

Ade Samuel
Ade Samuel www.linkedin.com/in/ade-samuel

#6 Ade Samuel

Named as one of the 25 most powerful Hollywood stylists in 2019 by The Hollywood Reporter, Nigerian-American stylist Ade Samuel comes in as one of our final go to stylist for style inspiration! If you’re ready to literally go out with a bang, Ade is your girl to certainly draw all your vibes from. From styling many celebrities from Michael B. Jordan, Justine Skye, Usher and so many more, this young and talented lady knows just what works for both men and women while she teaches us that simplicity is far from boring. Wanna look like a billion bucks tonight? Take a note from Ade’s closet as she shows us just how to rock a tuxedo like you literally own all of LA. (Reference her look for Michael B Jordan at the Vanity Fair Oscar party 2019!) Or, how she shows us how to rock a retro jumpsuit while running around those LA streets, to rocking the most glamorous dress if we’re in the mood to be a little extra tonight. No one does tailoring like Ade! Her style is bold, retro, urban, Hollywood, clean, empowered and fearless all at the same time. She shows us that polished and well fitted are exactly what some nights call for! And for you, maybe tonight is one of them.

Instagram: @adesamuel

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