5 Vegas Venues to catch live music

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"Las Vegas is one of those hot destinations that people from all over the world dream of experiencing at least once in their life."

With its never-ending party atmosphere, there’s always something to do, from a rock concert to a rap show. Vegas isn’t just luxurious hotels, gambling, and clubbing, but a mecca for performers. If you love music, Vegas is the place to be. Home of hundreds of venues, Vegas will feed your musical hunger. We made a list of six of our favorite Vegas venues to catch live music!


The House Of Blues is an iconic venue in Las Vegas with 1200 seats and beautiful architecture. Some of the biggest named musicians have had a residency at The House Of Blues. Currently, Santana has a residency there, performing almost every night. Other musicians that are currently playing at The House Of Blues include Anuel AA, a rapper from Puerto Rico, and DJ Sam I Am. They also have the foundation room, a small room where you can drink and have a good time. Other bands and DJs get to play here multiple days per week. If you want to be a part of music history, and love different music genres, this venue is definitely the place for you.


The Colosseum at Caesars Palace is probably one of the more prestigious music venues in Las Vegas. This venue has a 4298 capacity and is inspired by the ancient Roman and contemporary architecture. Celine Dion currently has a residency at The Colosseum. Dion’s unreal vocals and brilliant performance have people fighting to get tickets to her show. Although everyone loves Celine Dion, the classic musician Van Morrison has also been performing at The Colosseum. Morrison is famous for his hit songs within rock and blues. His show continues into February, and is a must see. These are the types of top level musicians you can expect to see at The Colosseum. We highly recommend going on your next visit to Vegas!


Some of the biggest pop stars have performed at The Park Theatre MGM Resorts. It’s a brand new venue, bigger than radio city music hall, and selling out shows with their 5200 seats. To name a few, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga have both slayed at their residencies here. People even say that Britney’s Park Theatre Show was the best thing that happened to her career! They loved her show so much that she’s coming back with a new show called “Britney’s Domination” in 2019. Lady Gaga, one of the biggest pop stars in the world, is now the headlining act at The Park Theatre. Her and Bradley Cooper recently performed “Shallow” from their hit movie A Star Is Born. Hurry and get tickets ahead of time, these shows sell out fast!


If you’re into hardcore rock or tribute bands, a Count’s Vamp’d show is a must see. From its classic sunset strip groove to its rock and roll feel you can enjoy a chill music dining environment. Tributes for famous bands like Journey, The Who, and Foreigner play here. New and mainstream rock bands are also booked weekly at Count’s Vamp’d. Current shows include John 5 and The Winery Dogs. John 5 is an instrumental band with Marilyn Manson’s lead guitarist, John William Lowery. Winery Dogs is a band with three music legends Richie Kotzen (Poison), Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) & Billie Sheehan (Mr. Big). These modern bands will rock your world and the tribute bands will make you relive the yesterdays. This is a great place to meet up with your friends, drink, chill and rock out.


If you’re looking for modern bands in Las Vegas, go to The Joint inside the Hardrock Hotel and Casino. This venue has a super cool vibe with a huge stage that always gives a dope light show. Some of the most iconic bands in today’s day and age play here. You’ll be able to enjoy some of the bands that you hear on the radio like The Roots (Hip Hop), The 1975 (Indie Electro Pop), Slightly Stoopid (Reggae Rock), Snow Patrol (Indie Rock), and Bring Me The Horizon (Rock). You’ll escape into another reality, getting lost in a sonic orgasm.


We had too many favorites when it came to Las Vegas Nightclubs, we couldn’t just give you one! Encore, Drias, Hakkasan, Wynn and Jewel At Aria are just a few of our favorites. These clubs are filled with dancing, lights, a heavy bass, loud music and the best DJs in the world. DJs like Tiesto at Hakkasan and The Chainsmokers at Encore. These shows are wild, and just one big party! But the DJs aren’t the only main attraction. Hip-Hop and Rap artists perform too. French Montana and Big Sean are performing at at Drias and Tyga at The Jewel At Aria. If you’re looking to drink the night away and listen to cool music with your friends, check out these night clubs. Trust us, you won’t regret it, you’ll just keep coming back for more!

Las Vegas is an adult version of Disneyland. The city never sleeps, and the best way to spend your time is Vegas is listening to music, checking out new artists, and gambling at the venues. I hope you have as much fun as us catching live music at these six venues in Vegas!

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