A Night at Zebulon

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“Whether you are looking for live music, an extensive bar/food menu, or an outdoor patio area, Zebulon has it all.”

Finding a place to go out with a big group of friends can be difficult in LA due to lack of space and availability. People within the group may also disagree on what venue or vibe they are looking to attend, creating chaos that often ends with no plans. Despite this, Zebulon Café Concert has found a way to accommodate and impress every guest/friend in your large group. Whether you are looking for live music, an extensive bar/food menu, or an outdoor patio area, Zebulon has it all. In this sense, this bar venue does not just suit one crowd. No matter what your vibe is, Zebulon will ensure you and your group of friends have an entertaining night out in Los Angeles. 


The first time I went to Zebulon, it was with a large group of friends, all with very different styles and ideas of what ‘fun’ is. Given this, I was already overwhelmed as I knew one friend would want to go somewhere with live music, while the others just wanted to drink and dance. As soon as we walked in, we got a drink from the bar that was situated in a dark room with loud music. People were dancing and socializing while sipping on their tasty cocktails. I ordered a Moscow Mule and, of course, a plate of French fries. The drink and food menu included all the classic cocktails and bar snacks as well as their own unique and personal contributions. One of my friends ordered the bar’s homemade chickpea crepes which I of course had to try and ended up falling in love with.

After snacking and downing some liquid courage, we all decided to head out to the patio and do some socializing. We were able to find enough chairs to all sit together, despite having a large group. Although the venue was crowded, the patio was spacious enough to allow groups to keep to themselves as well as get up and meet other people. We started off talking amongst ourselves until a group of strangers came and sat with us. It turned out that these strangers were actually members of the band that would be performing that night in the indoor Zebulon concert room. Given how friendly they were, we all decided it was necessary to buy tickets (these are separate from regular admission).,


The concert hall was dark but had colorful lights surrounding the huge stage. There was plenty of room for us all to dance and enjoy the show while sipping on our final drink of the night. The band, as well as the venue, made our night at Zebulon one of the best we have had in a while. 

Given how much fun we all had at Zebulon, we were determined to go back. We went on the Zebulon website and were excited to see that there was a whole list of the different bands that were scheduled to perform all month long. These bands all had very different styles giving us a chance to experience a whole new vibe upon each visit. My friends and I saved the dates in our calendars to ensure we would not miss out on another performance and night out at Zebulon.

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