Angel Brinks Has All The Style Inspiration You Need This Fall

Angel Brinks
Angel Brinks

Angel Brinks made it clear she was poppin’ before the VH1 show

Angel Brinks is far more than a reality TV star, she’s a badass fashion designer who turned her company into an empire. While you may have seen her on the television screen, specifically on Seasons 4 and 5 of Basketball Wives LA, the Los Angeles born and raised-native started out like most creatives: with a dollar and a dream.

Taking the basic leggings, cutting them up, and dipping them in glitter, Angel would patch all kinds of pieces together and wear them out as her own walking promo. Reflecting back to 9 years ago, consumers were only able to purchase them at stores like American Apparel — merely spandex in solid colors. At that time, females were starting to focus on their bodies more than ever, whether it was via plastic surgery or working out. It was then she decided to take the basic leggings and make them super hot, giving females an alternative to having to wear dresses. The rest was history. Loop Mag caught up with Brinks at Coffee Commissary in Burbank, sporting vibrant yellow leggings accented with glitter which reflected in the sunlight.

Brinks made it clear she was poppin’ before the VH1 show, admitting she was actually a little naive going in. Brinks reflects, “I didn’t really realize what reality TV was. You’re around a lot of catty women, everyone’s going through a situation. It was really hard for me on that show dealing with many different personalities and having to adjust. You’re dealing with women where the only thing you share in common is a basketball player boyfriend, husband, or baby daddy. It was really hard.”

While she suddenly found herself in a space with new faces, it was her loyalty to Draya that put her in the shadows, so she had to return to let the people who Angel Brinks was. But still, she’s forever grateful for their friendship. “I’m very supportive of her [Draya]. I love her death. She brought me on the show and it changed a lot of things for me. I’ll forever love her,” she adds with a chuckle.

The two also share one thing in common: fashion entrepreneurs. In terms of starting her own business, Brinks holds no shame in admitting how hard it really was. In a world full of endless designers and stores, she had to stand out.

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“What makes me so different is women come in so many shapes and sizes,” she explains.” We’re not just XS, S, M, or L. Girls may be L up top, small at the bottom, or vice versa. We don’t always fit into that same size. Since we make everything from scratch, you can come to my store and say ‘can you make this to fit me?’ We make it exactly to fit you. A lot of women come to me saying they’re 6’0”, their pants stop short. Since we’re making them, we make them long for you. We make them short for you.” 

While she jokes she’s only 8 years deep in the game, most people don’t know how good and accessible her company really is. Her secret? Using what she likes herself and making it available for everyone.

“You always have to evolve with fashion. You stick with the same templates, the same styles, but you have to know how to in 10 different ways come up with something spectacular. You’re always dealing with trends, dealing with women, trying to know what they want.”

As far as Brinks’ personal style, she’s constantly blending classy with sporty with chic — and a hint of bedazzling. “I always love a pair of jogger pants. Definitely love cropped tops, cropped jackets. Definitely gotta have a cute pair of shredded denim, distressed jeans. For me personally, it has to have sparkles on it. I like to stand out. Joggers, jeans, a good pair of sneakers, gotta have some Louboutin heels. Red bottoms, you know? I love a lot of accessories too: chokers, ankle bracelets, etc.”

While she likes to stand out, she gives great insight and advice on what to wear on the first date night. Remember, you gotta make him work for it!

“I’d do a tight turtleneck long sleeve top with a pair of high waist jeans, with a nice shoe and a matching belt and bag. You gotta let these guys know I’m sexy, but I can be covered up. You’re not getting anything on the first night okay?”

The best dating advice Brinks has received is to just accept people for who they are. “Don’t try to change them because that’s where you lose.” But what about them hot dinner dates with boyfriend Jackie Long? Brinks puts us on game:

“If you’re gonna wear a mini-dress, definitely be oiled up in legs with a nice strappy heel. That’s definitely a do. A don’t: if you’re gonna show a lot on top, keep your legs covered.”

“If you’re gonna wear a mini-dress, definitely be oiled up in legs with a nice strappy heel. That’s definitely a do. A don’t: if you’re gonna show a lot on top, keep your legs covered. If you’re gonna show legs, keep your top covered. When you show too much of both, it comes off as very oppressive. As ladies, you wanna show one or the other.” 

Angel Brinks

While she prefers to be curled up watching Netflix, recently finishing Versace based on the high-end fashion designer, her ideal date consists of dinner at Maestro’s. “Because I like to eat. I’m a girly girl, I love to dress up. I have a closet full of really cute clothes and shoes. I like the Hollywood action, plus the food is great.”

With disclaimer she’s a big kid at heart, other options include bowling, Sky High, miniature golfing, and the arcade. As we near the end of summer and cuffing season creeps in, Brinks details her must-have items to stay cute, stay warm, and stay fly.

“Definitely a cozy oversized knit sweater. Anything with a hoodie, oversized hoodies are really fun. I really love beanies. Definitely thigh-high boots, you can wear over leggings, jeans, even a mini-skirt. I’m really into gloves too, they just do something really fun for your wrist. Sometimes we can get a little pale in the winter, so you cover up as much as possible.”

She adds, “I just like oversize things, you can do anything with a large.”

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