A.O.C. Debuts Six New Seasonal Cocktails At 3rd St. & Brentwood Locations

Autumn-approved sips in LA…….

A.O.C. may be known for being one the best wine spots in Los Angles, but this fall, the stylish eatery is mixing things up. 

Welcoming the changing fall produce and cooler temperatures, A.O.C. has debuted a new cocktail menu crafted by Ignacio Murillo. In addition to the full bar of premium and classic cocktails, the speciality cocktails at both the 3rd Street (in West Hollywood) and Brentwood locations include the Mezcal-based Fiesta Oaxaca, the tequila-based Imperio Azteca, the gin-based Red Wing, the bourbon-based Kentucky Milk Punch, the Japanese whisky-based Suntory Fall and the rum-based Marzapán Espresso Martini.

From his early days as a busser at the OG A.O.C. at 3rd & Crescent Heights, Murillo always went the extra mile and immersed himself in the A.O.C. ways. He came to every wine and cheese tasting, dedicated to being the best he could be, and made himself a key member of the A.O.C. family.

Eventually, he moved to the bartender position, where he honed his cocktail-making skills, developing an incredible palate and a talent for layering flavors and textures in a magical way. Murillo is now taking center stage, running A.O.C.’s bar program featuring seasonally motivated cocktails created to pair with Chef Suzanne Goin’s market menu offerings.

The new specialty cocktails are priced at $18 and $19 and are available now through the fall season at both A.O.C locations. Check each one out below.

(Photo Credit: Suzanne Lanza)

Fiesta Oaxaca

  • Mezcal
  • Mole Liqueur
  • Chocolate Bitters

Inspired by the mole culture of Oaxaca, this drink combines mole made with bitter chocolate with mezcal for an original aperitivo. Think of this as an Oaxacan-inspired, spirit-forward Manhattan.

(Photo Credit: Suzanne Lanza)

Imperio Azteca

  • Tequila
  • Poached Spiced Apple
  • Lime

The Aztecs were the first tribe to build an empire in Jalisco, the origin of all tequila. In Southern California, you can find Aztec apples at our Farmers’ Markets – they are thin-skinned and sweet and are often used as a dessert apple. Apples and tequila are paired  cinnamon syrup to make a delicious and refreshing fall drink.

(Photo Credit: Suzanne Lanza)

Red Wing

  • Gin
  • Cranberry
  • Lemon
  • Rice Beer

Red Wing is a variety of American cranberry bush used here for a fall gin cocktail. This drink features a house-made cranberry liqueur, adding fresh herbs, citrus zest and a touch of bright lager beer. The result is an update of a classic sour cocktail combining gin’s botanical properties with the tart and sweet qualities of cranberry.

(Photo Credit: Suzanne Lanza)

Kentucky Milk Punch

  • Bourbon
  • Lemon
  • Pecan
  • Clarified Milk

Milk Punch – a combination of brandy, milk and spices, originated in Scotland and was popularized in New Orleans in the 1700s and remains a local classic. This drink combines Kentucky bourbon with our local pecans and milk with excellent results.

(Photo Credit: Suzanne Lanza)

Suntory Fall

  • Toki Whisky
  • Ginger
  • Lemon
  • Schaner Farms’ Pomegranate Juice

Suntory Toki Japanese whiskey is a complex and robust spirit. Its qualities make it perfect for mixed cocktails.For autumn, the whiskey is paired with the deep flavor of pomegranates and spiced ginger syrup to add a bit of heat to this well-balanced drink.

(Photo Credit: Suzanne Lanza)

Marzapán Espresso Martini


  • Aged Rum
  • House Amaretto
  • Almond
  • Espresso

This cocktail draws from the celebrated Mexican candy called “Mazapan,” made with peanuts and sugar, similar to marzipan, which is made with almonds and sugar. Using espresso, this coffee martini is updated by adding aged rum and marzipan, giving this drink a frothy and creamy texture.


A.O.C. 3rd Street
8700 W. 3rd Street, Los Angeles

A.O.C. in Brentwood
11648 San Vicente Blvd., Los Angeles


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