Ayia Napa: The ‘Ibiza’ of Cyprus

Let me repeat that: a literal three feet of liquor.

Although I have a strong nostalgic connection to summers in Los Angeles, I have never been opposed to skipping town for a tropical vacation. This summer I was determined to visit somewhere new that still provided me with the white sand beaches and bottomless drinks I always dream of. So, I called up a couple of my friends who live in Cyprus and told them to prepare themselves for a week of tanning, clubbing, and adventure. 

Cyprus is divided into regions: the North being Turkish territory and the South ruled by Greece. Although my friends live on the Turkish side of Cyprus, we decided to make our way south to visit the iconic party town, Ayia Napa. Ayia Napa is often referred to as the ‘Ibiza’ of Cyprus given the wild and raging nightlife scene. With over twenty bars/clubs stacked one after the other, Ayia Napa is the perfect place to bar hop and dance ‘til dawn. One street in particular, Ayias Mavris, is essentially dedicated to nightclubs and turns into a Vegas-meets-Coachella style party as soon as the venues open. Although there were so many clubs to choose from, I nailed down a couple favorites that became our go-to spots for the entirety of the trip. 

Here’s some insider tips for making the most of a single night in Cyprus:


We started our night off at Encore, an up-scale bar/club with live DJ performances and all-night entertainment. We ordered cocktails at the bar and shots of tequila which were served on a counter lit with flames. Despite the crowds of other tourists and party-goers, there was still plenty of room to dance to the DJ’s mix of American and Cyprian-style music. Although Encore was extremely lively and we were tempted to stay, with 20+ venues to choose from, we had to make our rounds. . .

Señior Frog’s

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Señior Frog’s, our next stop, had three bars, each on different walls of the building. The bartenders were making signature drinks as well as wild custom requests. The drinks we ordered came in what they called a ‘yard cup,’ which are a yard in height and filled to the brim with your cocktail of choice. Let me repeat that: a literal three feet of liquor. Although nearly impossible to finish, the drinks were totally delicious and had just the right amount of kick. While we did eventually leave Señor Frog’s to check out the other bars nearby, we revisited later for another round of drinks. . .  I mean, can you blame us?

Square Bar

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As assumed, Square Bar does in fact have a square layout, which gives a more intimate feel as people are gathered in a small area, drinking and dancing under a private stage. This venue hosts several different bands to play live shows for guests nearly every night, and because it’s also a restaurant that has a full kitchen that stays open late, they are a crowd favorite and a perfect last stop. My friends and I originally stopped at Square Bar for a quick meal, but we ended up staying until closing, singing along to the live bands and ordering more rounds of drinks. . . you know, because sometimes three feet isn’t enough – wink! Although Square Bar has a different vibe to the other clubs (as it’s a bit more mellow), the casual yet lively ambiance made it one of my favorite places from our whole trip.