Grab Your Girl Group and Hit Cotorritos, Cancun

Illustration by Loop Magazine

Margaritas in Mexico? Yes, Please!

With the world opening back up, many people, including myself, have been hungry for a get-away. Ideally, a luxurious escape with white sand beaches, bikinis, and most importantly, bottomless mimosas. As I had not seen many of my friends since before quarantine, I made the executive decision that a girls trip was long overdue. I texted my best friend to set aside a week for a little taste of relaxation and normalcy. With just a bit of research and a bit more saving up, I managed to find an all-inclusive resort in the heart of Cancún that was well within our budget and (as all girls trips require) right next to the club and bar scene.

Although our hotel was beautiful and provided us with all we could imagine, our eagerness to explore carried us out of the resort and onto the main strip of downtown Cancún. As soon as we exited our taxi, we were surrounded by open clubs with loud music, bars with endless bottles, and of course girls dancing on tables. To be completely honest, this was one of the first times I had really been out and drinking since before the pandemic began. I wasn’t sure I could keep up with the party scene like I used to, but as I learned, a mellow or sleepy demeanor doesn’t fly in Cancún. Within minutes of strolling the strip, we were ushered into a bar where the bartender had four shots of tequila and a lime waiting for us. We threw back these shots and began looking for a place to dance our hearts out. Lucky for us, we got delightfully distracted by a ginormous “$1 Dollar Bar” sign and decided it was the universe telling us we needed more drinks. We walked inside where an escalator took us up to the beautiful – and wild – rooftop bar: Cotorritos Cancún.

Cotorritos was a wonder: neon lights striped the open-air roof and spelled out words against the walls, long high-top tables were surrounded by chairs in bright rainbow colors, and festive lanterns hung from above. Each table was topped with buckets and liquor bottles, and crowds of people danced and sang along to the DJ’s Reggaetón mix. Upon entering the rooftop, a group of locals around our age generously invited us to their table with open arms and free, unlimited alcohol. They fed us endless amounts of tequila shots and promised it would be our best night in Cancún. Without hesitation, we continued dancing and making trips to the bar to try new mixed drinks in between tequila shots and nacho plates. Their menu (and thank god they served food to balance out the liquor) included everything from traditional tacos to ceviche to sliders, and they had a wide array of margaritas with flavored and salted rims. You can also order trays of shots that arrive bottle service style in a neon bird cage with sparklers. If you get lucky, you may even get a dance with their mascot: an orange parrot (for the namesake) in a green jersey. Although we may not remember it all, the flowing drinks, the wild ambiance, and the tasty bites ensured that this night would, indeed, be our favorite from our time in Cancún.

There are many other wild clubs and bars on the downtown strip of Cancún, however, Cotorritos gave us no reason to look further. We enjoyed unlimited drinks, great new friends and of course dancing until dawn. Our night at Cotorritos not only made our Cancún highlight list, but also this the best girls trip yet!

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