BACARDÍ & Boi-1da's A.I. Powered EP Officially Launches On Global Streaming Platforms

‘The Concept A.I.bum’ features five tracks from an international group of rising artists, produced using generative A.I. trained on Boi-1da’s catalog…

The highly anticipated Concept A.I.bum from BACARDÍ and uber-producer Boi-1da has finally launched on all digital music streaming platforms worldwide.

First announced in October, the five-track EP is the result of the iconic rum brand’s annual Music Liberates Music program that champions up-and-coming artists and pursues new and innovative strategies to help them make inroads within the music industry. The vibrant track list remains true to the iconic rum brand’s passion for movement and self-expression, with original music from a roster of global artists including:

“Mentoring up-and-coming talent is one of the most rewarding things to do as a producer,” says Boi-1da. “I’m grateful to have worked with BACARDÍ on a revolutionary new way to collaborate with artists from all over the world.”

He continued, “Through the power of generative AI, I was essentially able to be in multiple places, working on multiple tracks, simultaneously. The results speak for themselves. The album has something for all fans to love, seamlessly blending my signature production stamp and these artists’ incredible individual styles. I hope this leads to more conversations around how we can harness new technology to make music production more efficient and accessible.”

To finalize The Concept A.I.bum, each artist was given cutting-edge AI software, trained on a selection of beats from Boi-1da’s unreleased catalogue. Artists were then invited to input an unlimited number of their original demos, tweaking their personal sound with the producer’s unique musical style.

Once their desired demos were updated to their tastes, each artist had the opportunity to meet with Boi-1da for a 1-on-1 production session to finalize the track and ensure their individual artistry remained intact.

“Working with a legendary producer through the transformative lens of AI has been such an incredible journey, merging the soul of innovation with my traditional process,” said Bellah. “I’m honored to have worked with such an icon as Boi-1da and grateful to have been selected by BACARDÍ for this project, giving an opportunity to reimagine my work in in more ways than I knew was possible. 

She continued, “AI is a complex topic in the music industry right now, but creating my track for The Concept A.I.bum proved that the future of art is an ever-evolving collaboration between human creativity and the boundless possibilities of modern technology.”

As with each Music Liberates Music program, all proceeds from the project will directly benefit the participating artists. Fans can enjoy The Concept A.I.bum on all steaming platforms, such as Spotify, or by purchasing it as a limited-edition vinyl which will begin shipping in January.

“With the ongoing conversations around AI, we saw an opportunity to leverage technology in a way that benefits emerging talent, without compromising artistic integrity,” says Laila Mignoni, Global Head of Brand Marketing Communications for BACARDÍ rum. “The Concept A.I.bum is a testament to how AI can indeed be used as a positive force.”