Bad Bunny Drops New Single and Music Video ‘Un Preview’

We are getting “Un Preview” of what’s next…

The Latin Pop king is back at it again. Monday, Sept. 25 Bad Bunny released his newest single “Un Preview,” along with a music video. 

The “Tití Me Preguntó” singer teased that the name has a double meaning, in that it’s also a preview of what’s to come music wise. According to the Billboard English translation, the song is about meeting a girl at a club. The intimate interactions at the club are just a preview for what the rest of the night is going to be like. 

In the music video, the Puerto Rican native sings in front of a tan Rolls Royce and in front of a large rocking horse. Some clips even show Bad Bunny riding it. There are dancers throughout the video, but their faces are always covered by masks or graphics. 

This song was produced by Tainy and La Paciencia, and it is Bad Bunny’s first song that he has released since the spring. It makes fans wonder what else is in store for 2023.