7 Renaissance Tour Moments We Can't Wait To See Beyoncé Slay On The Big Screen

There’s going to be some big energy in theaters…

On Oct. 1, the Renaissance World Tour came to an end in Kansas City, Missouri. The BeyHive may already be mourning the end of an era, but Beyoncé is making the grief a little easier as she announced Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé.

The film will showcase footage from the world tour as well as interviews and documentary style clips in between.

When I am performing, I am nothing but free,” the singer narrates through the trailer. “The goal for this tour was to create a place where everyone is free and no one is judged. You’re unique/” 

She continued, “Start over, start fresh, create the new – that’s what the Renaissance is about.”

Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé releases Dec. 2, and here at Loop, we already have some moments we are excited to see. Check them out then watch the trailer below.

The Mute Challenge

Anyone who is on social media at least a little bit knows about the “mute challenge.” In her song “Energy,” Beyoncé famously sings, “Look around everybody on mute.” During her concerts, she pauses after this lyric expecting the crowd to remain silent. Some cities killed it, while others…not so much. The big question is which city made the cut. The social media consensus is Atlanta, Houston, and New Orleans were the most quiet, but who is the queen going to choose to showcase?

Blue Ivy Dancing

Blue Ivy had quite the summer. The 11-year-old daughter of Bey and her husband Jay-Z made her Renaissance Tour debut back in May for the Paris show. She performed at the majority of dates, and fans fell in love watching her perform and grow confidence at each stop. She comes out for “My Power” and then stays through the following dance break and “Black Parade.” She even has her own fan base now called “The Ivy League.”

@nessachantal818 Cause cousin Bey face when we KEPT going LMAO #VEGAS #renaissance #beyonce #loveontop @Beyoncé ♬ Love On Top – Beyoncé


The Audience Singing “Love on Top”

“Love On Top” is easily a fan favorite, and Beyoncé hands over the vocals to the audience at the end of the song. The singer keeps tempo by tapping on the mic while the audience continues doing rounds of the chorus until she finally cuts them off. It is no secret that “Love On Top” is a vocally challenging song, so we wonder if the audience is going to get some auto-tune for the film’s final cut. 

@igorxtt pls stop 🚩 this for NYU-dity, she has an outfit ON! 😭 the world needs to see this video #RenaissanceTour #Beyonce #DIL #DubaiRiff ♬ Drunk in Love – Beyoncé

The Dubai Riff

“Drunk in Love,” is part of what fans nicknamed “The Big 3,” which also includes “Thique” and “All Up In Your Mind.” These are songs rarely performed live, and when “Drunk in Love” is performed, it’s even rarer that she does the Dubai Rift. The Dubai Rift comes at the end of the song and went viral in the winter after a clip of Beyoncé performing it at a no phones concert in Dubai was leaked. Only a few cities were graced with the Dubai Riff, but it’s sure to make the film (right?). 

The “Cozy” Robots 

We expect nothing less from Beyoncé, but the production value for this tour was insane. One of the many special effects included robots that had square frames for Beyoncé to dance in between. They made an appearance during the song “Cozy” and the “Alien Superstar” singer would move along with them so she would appear trapped between them.

The “America Has a Problem Walk”

One thing fans noticed about this tour was that Beyoncé seemed to be a lot more carefree and happy while performing, and it showed through some of the choreography she did. For example, during “America Has A Problem” Beyoncé would appear to jokingly shuffle/take extremely small steps matching the quick paced beat. Fans loved the walk and even mimicked it on social media.

@aaron.hollomon Diana Ross surprised Beyoncé for her Birthday last night in Los Angeles. Still not convinced I wasnt dreaming this! 😍 #fyp #dianaross #beyonce #beyoncebirthday #renaissanceworldtour ♬ original sound – AaronHollomon

The Diana Ross Birthday Surprise

Beyoncé performed in Los Angeles during her 42nd birthday, and what better way to celebrate than having the legend Diana Ross sing Happy Birthday to you as well as the rest of So-Fi stadium. Clips show Ross standing on the stage’s runway talking to the crowd, and Beyoncé is absolutely gleaming as she runs from the main stage to meet up with her childhood icon before hugging her.